The gambling market in the United States is very vibrant, to say the least. Aside from the sprawling casinos found in Las Vegas and other gambling hubs across the country, there are also tons of online gambling options available to American gamblers. For a long time, it was mostly offshore online gambling sites that dominated US gambling traffic. However, things have since changed.

There is certainly still room for improvement but the US is making a great deal of progress with regards to legal online casinos. These have been a reality for the past decade and it is a sector that is growing very fast.

Where to Legally Gambling Online in the United States

A common question asked by US gamblers is where they can enjoy some gambling action at legal and regulated sites. Since the states got the power to decide whether to legalize iGaming or not, there are a handful of states that have implemented it. Here are those states along with the month and year when they launched legal online gambling:

  • New Jersey – November 2013
  • Pennsylvania – July 2019
  • West Virginia – July 2021
  • Michigan – January 2021
  • Connecticut – October 2021

This is a considerably large number of states. However, given how big their populations are and the demand for online gambling, the sector has been very successful. That growth has been enough to prove to other states that iGaming is worth it if done the right way. Already, several other states have tabled bills that relate to iGaming. If these are passed, they could see even more expansion in the gambling sector. Industry experts are very optimistic about that.

Choosing the Best Legal Online Casinos in the United States

To begin with, it is safe to say that the best iGaming option will be the nearest casino to you. For the residents of the states we listed, finding great locally-regulated options is a breeze. Still, with the growing number of online casinos, other factors will likely contribute to the choice of an iGaming platform. These include:

The range of casino games

Perhaps the biggest allure of online gambling other than convenience is the massive number of games that most platforms offer. Most players want access to as many different casino games as possible. This not only means that you never have to worry about getting bored but also that you can keep exploring. It gets even more exciting as operators begin to take verticals like live dealer online games more seriously.

Payment Methods

Even though things are now more streamlined than ever, payment methods still define the casino experience. The ease of making deposits and processing withdrawals often determines whether customers return or not. That said, the best legal online casinos in the US try to integrate all the best payment services. Players can thus use their credit cards, debit cards, bank transfer or their wallets to deposit funds and receive payouts. Some of the more future-focused sites now even accept and process payments in crypto.

Customer Support

This is an extremely important aspect of the online casino experience. It is one area that many of the leading US online casinos have invested deeply in. Since a completely perfect experience is important to create, having a solid customer support framework is a great way of attending to consumers in case of any issue. Ideally, the site you pick should be able to provide support services across different channels. Players can then pick the ones that are most convenient for them.

Site Design

What players think about the look and feel of a particular site is very subjective. Even so, it is something that has an overall impact on the gambling experience. Most of the modern US online casinos feature crisp graphics and smooth animations. You will not go wrong with any of them. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a more entertaining and customizable experience you may need to do a little digging. Thankfully, there is always something for everyone.

Legal US Online Casinos Vs Offshore Sites

Choosing between the two should be very straightforward at this point. If you are in a state that has already legalized online gambling, the sites offered within that jurisdiction are the best. They not only assure customers of better protection in case of disputes but may be better at offering localized betting content.

On the flip side, there are still dozens of states where players have no access to locally-regulated or legalized gambling options. In those instances, offshore online gambling sites are usually the only recommended route. These sites have evolved over the years and are now way better options than underground gambling sites. Players just need to ensure that they are picking reputable sites that have undergone third-party regulation and auditing.