Card games have been popular in Indian states for ages. Card games have so many popular variants that come with new rules and gameplay. People love to play these games with their friends and family. To create that fun on online platforms, apps like ace2three and GetMega started offering an online space where players can play card games with each other.

This new trend of playing card games online became famous gradually and such platforms started offering various interesting features to add more fun to the games. They even started offering cash prizes as rewards for skilled card game players.

In this article, we will see some of the basic differences between two popular gaming apps, ace2three and GetMega.

How GetMega is different from Ace2three

To differentiate both the apps from each other we have clarified their different features which somehow creates differences between them.


Both the apps, GetMega and ace2three have a leaderboard feature. Leaderboards are made to show the standings of the players and their achievements. But here we are going to discuss what makes both the leaderboards different from each other.

The motive of both the leaderboards are almost the same but the basis on which the players get their ranking is different on both the apps.

Ace2three’s leaderboard is based on the number of winning matches at every tier of the player.

On the GetMega app, there are lots of leaderboards such as hourly, daily, weekly and monthly. The basis on which players get their ranking depends upon the number of matches they have played on the app as well as the winning number of matches. Those who come under the top 10 players of the paid leaderboard are rewarded with cash prizes as well.

Types of games available on their platform

Both the apps are online apps and multiplayer. We know that gaming platforms often provide a variety of games on the same platform so that players don’t need to download so many apps. The same goes with these two apps ace2three and GetMega as well.

You must be thinking it is not a difference rather it seems to be a similarity between them. Well till now it does, but the difference is that the types of games they are offering are different from each other.

On Ace2three you will be able to play free casino games, rummy games, table games, and video poker as well. It is believed that casino and rummy are two very famous games on this platform.

While on GetMega, available games are broadly divided into three categories,

  • Card games

This category has rummy and poker

  • Casual games

Under this category, you will see games like Go pool, warship, Dot and dash, ABC rummy, and Carrom.

  • Trivia

You can enjoy games like GK, 123, and PicMe as well on the GetMega app.

Real players

This is a very important feature of both apps. Both of them have offered an online matchmaking feature where players get matched against real players to play games and tournaments and win cash. But,

On the Ace2three app, only those players who are above 18 years are allowed to create an account and play online cash games.

On the GetMega app, you will be matched against those players who have verified profiles and completed the identification process while creating their accounts on the app.

Safety and Security

Both the games do not promote any type of illegal practices or hack so avoid them.

Here are some of the different privacy and security features offered by both apps,

  • Ace2three offers an SSL and PCI-compliant connective which ensures a safe journey for the people. If you come up with any query then you can contact their executive via e-mail, call or live chat. They even appreciate it if you send your feedback. Along with all these, this app also provides secure monetary transfers.
  • GetMega is one of the safest platforms for withdrawing and depositing cash from bank accounts. GetMega is also a member of the All India Gaming Federation and even has an RNG certificate.

These were some of the highlighting features of both apps that are different from each other. Though they have similarities between them still it is not okay to neglect some major differences that create a lot of differences between the apps.

We know that these platforms are offering card games which are often responsible for promoting illegal gambling in the country. Even though these card games are purely based on skills and neither luck. Apps like GetMega and ace2three are quite popular and old in the business and because of that, they have established a reputation among players. Also, they have completed all the legal formalities and have all the necessary certificates that are mandatory to be issued as per the guidelines of the Indian government. Make sure you never tap on any scam links or ads while installing these apps or transferring money.