The very first online casinos were simply as a piece of cake. The earlier Web hadn’t modern technologies and used extremely light and primitive pages. But casinos such as 25 euro ohne einzahlung existed even then. We can trace the oldest and still functioning slot games even to 1998. The prospering gambling sites with applications, though, started only years after.

Mobile software has had its boom only after the beginning of the era of smartphones. In 2007, Steve Jobs revealed a new iconic gadget – the first iPhone. And the industry of mobile entertainment begins. Of course, there were a lot of PDAs and specialized communicators. But they were made for work only. The seldom games were not about cards or bets at this time.

The true revolution in this industry has come with Google and modern broadband technologies. Play Market was a revolutionary place with democratic rules. Earlier, Apple Inc started its Store, but it was a closed catalog. With the growth of electronic trading, additional applications also have begun to appear in commerce. There is no successful venture without mobile software today. So, the gamblers have not only free slots no download no registration now but a lot of possibilities to make a bet like a professional.

Why does the tide turn?

The answer is obvious: we do have more technologies today. But we also have some old troubles with the Internet even in developed countries. The monopolistic companies are still in charge in the USA, Australia, large parts of the EU. The house networks there often are in decay. The modem Internet via phone line is a pretty obvious thing. That’s why online casino websites are still popular. Many rural districts connected via old cable lines and even today do not need to speed access to the biggest portals.

The famous 4G Internet appeared like an avalanche. For comparison: GPRS was introduced almost a decade ago, the third generation of wireless connection via smartphones became available only within several years. Now, you can watch videos in 1080p resolution even in Africa. And this fact changed all the casino business. How does it work? Let’s see.

For gambling, the essential thing is to appeal to the audience. There are no more primitive text sites for slots and roulette. Modern portals have a posh design with bright colors and stunning visual effects. The rivalry between vendors presents us with the finest examples of virtual reel machines. This luxury reaches only with new types of smartphones.


The best thing about casino applications is safety. When you are playing on the web portals, there are limited security options. Of course, SSL certificates are helpful but also sometimes hacked. Google verifies all Apps in the Play Market. It means all the mobile software is more convenient when the player needs to make bets on the computer with vivid personal data.

Casino Apps Popularity Growth

Smartphones today are very cheap. The basic models have equal computing powers with the desktops from 2007-2009. The top-notch gadgets are about $1200, and still, they are competing with some modern PCs of a medium range. Your casino app will not be sloppy or buggy. Also, the notifications are a great deal. The gambler can always be in touch and collect the most profitable bonuses and events. A lot of successful casinos build their clientele with very generous offers.

The last (but not least) reason to use special applications for bets and gambling is convenience. Every reel machine is literally made for gesture options. You can manage all the bets via taps and swipes, on your jogging run or sitting in a streetcar, in your coffee break, and at dinner. It is a very cozy possibility for busy people. In our intensive times, the electronic assistant is helpful.


A hidden market potential

Actually, we have to say about blooming possibilities. A lot of rich countries allowed gamblers abroad to make bets legally and freely. Roughly, at the end of 2020, there were about 1.5 billion gamblers around the world. And the calculated virtual casino market net worth is estimated to be about $59 billion. For comparison, the global revenue from gold is $45-50 billion per year for the last decades. You can see that the power of gambling desires is stronger than the ecstasy of gold. And the players are involved more and more.

The smartphone makes bets easy, especially in lean markets. People in Africa and Asia can buy a device for a hundred bucks and start a gambling career (with modest bets, of course). These countries are golden reserves for commercial software – enormous population, no rivals, the first steps of industry are made there today.

Today we can account for AR and VR technologies in gambling halls. Yes, these devices are pretty expensive. But we have seen giant steps in this sphere too. A medium desktop computer modified for VR. This is a first try to make a natural virtual casino. So, we are waiting for this type of application too. Rolling virtual dice or emulating card tossing should be an exciting experience. Modern gambling houses online are just virtual chats with games. It may change drastically soon.

In 2020, the global lockdown made this blooming of applications a little bit blurred. When you are sitting at home all the time – the necessity of a smartphone becomes lesser. But the sad page of the newest history soon will be over. Average outdoor activities have already returned. And the digitization continues. Gadget experts are predicting that this market will explode in the next decade. The collective worth of industry can be over $127 billion by 2027.