Perhaps you are single and have a circle of close friends, several of whom are also single. When you get together to chat about seeking partners, the chances are you’ll be focusing on relationships with one partner, as opposed to several partners? If one of your crowd was to suddenly announce they weren’t looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend, but a bunch of them, this statement might cause a degree of eyebrow-raising! But open and polyamorous relationships are becoming more common than you might think. Here we’ll look into why these social setups are growing in popularity.

Polyamorous and open relationships: what is the difference?

Although there can be a tendency to lump together relationships that stray beyond the bounds of monogamy, there are crucial differences you should appreciate before deciding what might suit your tastes. An open relationship involves having multiple sexual partners but one core partner. Polyamory is about having multiple partners, period. The important aspect of getting your head around is that the relationships forged here, either open or polyamorous, are all consensual, supportive, and emotionally engaged.

Where to find a partner for this kind of relationship?

If you want to explore the various types of partnership available, then decide if any would appeal to you, go online. Dating websites cater to every facet of human desire. You might be drawn to the idea of getting involved with either swinging, where you and an existing partner pair with another couple and swap partners. Or you could arrange amorous liaisons with a willing couple, as a single. The best way of finding women for couples would be to sign up for a poly dating site.

Main values of this kind of relationship: how understand that you accept it?

Society is geared towards monogamy and has been for centuries. Any sort of partnership defined as being outwith what is considered ‘the norm’ tends to be viewed with suspicion. To less progressive minds, they might even be looked upon as perverse. But one thing the Internet has done has set up entire communities for people who have tastes that might not be ‘mainstream’ but are just as valid as anyone else’s. If you are curious about what is involved in polyamory, your first step should be conducting some research into consensual non-monogamy. You’ll soon find that there is nothing out of the ordinary in seeking to explore alternatives. After all, curiosity is one of the defining aspects of being human.

Main tips for finding women for couples

The most fundamental tip of all is to remain open-minded at all times. Once you become comfortable with the available websites with this specialty, spend some time in the chat rooms, widening your social circle, but also putting out feelers regarding finding willing participants. Always be honest about what you are seeking and what your boundaries would be when you are exchanging direct messages with prospective partners. And inject your texts or phone chats with humor.

Ready to impress your new contacts?

You’ll know you are ready for a relationship when you have reached the stage of connecting online, then spending time getting to know them via direct messages – and perhaps video chats. Soon you’ll pluck the courage to ask them on dates. It would be worthwhile planning ahead, considering the impression they’ll receive should you invite them round to your place. Put some thought into arranging your décor. If they walk into your home and feel relaxed and appreciative of these new surroundings, your relationship will go from strength to strength.