Riot Games, the creator of the League of Legends game, has released the Rumble Stage schedule during the 2022 mid-season invitation. According to the news, the first day of the event holds several exciting bangers that will keep you right at the edge of your seat. You can find the latest eSport news on

What does the Rumble Stage Schedule Entail?

League of Legends fans can look forward to watching six mind-blowing games on the first day. The festivities will start with two of the leading teams in the tournament, the T1 and G2 eSports. Both the European kings and the Korean juggernauts have gone through the group stage boasting 6-0 records.

This shows how strong the teams have grown since the start of the 2022 Spring Split. It is also worth mentioning that the event will also reveal one of the two longest winning streaks in this upcoming matchup.

For a start, T1 remains undefeated since the beginning of the year and G2 has also not lost a single match since its exceptional run through the 2022 LEC Spring Playoffs in April. The 3rd undefeated team in MSI was China-based Royal Never Give Up. This team will be taking on the Evil Geniuses and G2 at exactly 4:00 am CT and 6:00 am CT respectively.

Highlights of the MSI 2022 Opening Day Schedule

  • T1versus G2 Esports: 3:00 am CT
  • Evil Geniuses versus Royal Never Give Up: 4:00 am CT
  • PSG Talon versus Saigon Buffalo: 5:00 am CT
  • G2 Esports versus Royal Never Give Up: 6:00 am CT
  • Saigon Buffalo versus Evil Geniuses: 7:00 am CT
  • PSG Talon versus T1: 8:00 am CT

The Rumble Stage will start on May 20 and runs through May 24. The event will see six top teams from the tournament play each other twice over the course of four days. At the end of the Rumble Stage, the top four teams will continue to the knockout stage and the bottom two will be eliminated.

The levels of excitement for the event are expected to significantly rise compared to the group stage matches played earlier in the month. A lot of the featured games in the groups were one-sided, making more teams go undefeated than in the history of MSI.

Well, maybe it is for the best as the entire best teams remaining from the stage matches will now go head-to-head and battle for a chance at glory. All the action will be available to all viewers when MSI 2022 resumes on Friday, May 20 at 3:00 am CT.

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