To discover the perfect vacation home, it is crucial to choose the correct static caravan manufacturer. If you make a hasty choice, you can come to regret it. What you hope to gain from your vacation property is the deciding factor. The process of designing one’s ideal caravan is as individual as the people who will be living in it.

In this article, you will discover a rundown of the top static caravan brands and types, coupled with some quick-fire guidelines to follow when selecting your vacation house.

1. The Nevada Atlas

This Atlas is perfect for vacationers seeking great value without sacrificing style or comfort since it has a license to remain on site until October 31, 2027. A roomy vacation house designed with style and comfort in mind, Nevada is one of the perfect sited static caravans for sale and perfect for families. Moreover, the beautiful Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall is within walking distance of Kennack Sands, a beach.

Located in a prime spot just a short distance from the stunning coastline that Cornwall is famed for, Kennack Sands Holiday Park sells premium caravans in Cornwall. Take possession and savor amazing vacations in Cornwall again and over again.

2. Granada, Willerby, 2007

The Willerby Granada has a great floor plan and comes with everything you need for your first vacation house.

In addition to central heating and double glazing, the Granada has a separate kitchen with an electric stove hood and a fridge-freezer, a separate dining area, springy seats, an apex ceiling, and a large, airy living room with a higher ceiling.

Once you enter the bathroom, you’ll find a spacious shower, a thermostatic mixer valve, and a set of stairs leading up to the master suite. You get a walk-in closet in your master bedroom in addition to extra enclosed space underneath the king-size bed and a decent-sized wardrobe in the twin room with under-bed storage. Positioned on an expansive lot with decking fully installed, all that remains is for you to embark on the life you’ve always imagined.

3. Leisure Homes by Victory

This static caravan maker has made quite an impression in its brief thirteen years of operation, having opened for business in 2009. Regarding unique vacation houses, no one does it better than Victory Leisure Houses.

They offer nine different types to pick from to ensure every vacationer has a place to call home. Choose Victory Leisure Homes as your top pick if you are looking for a model that feels uniquely yours.

4. Regal Vacation Rentals

Regal Holiday Homes is one of the UK’s most prestigious static caravan manufacturers, having been accredited by The National Caravan Council. Their wide selection of park houses, luxury lodges, and vacation homes makes them a popular choice for anyone seeking a luxurious option for their temporary residence.

Caravan Constructor of the Year 2012 went to them for their innovative work. Their commitment to making sure ‘luxury’ goes beyond only the outside appearance and into their houses’ structure is evident here.

5. Willerby

Willerby is a well-known brand of static caravans thanks to their 75 years in the business. From its modest origins in Willerby hamlet, they have expanded to constructing vacation houses on a 90-acre estate near Hull since 1946.

Their innovative production methods and attentiveness to client feedback have earned them a reputation for excellence. Among its many accomplishments, the development of the wheelchair-accessible Willerby Rio Gold model ranks high among its static caravan competitors.

One of the more reliable brands is Willerby, and every model has:

  • A whole year of protection
  • 3-year guarantee on components
  • guarantees the structure for 5 years
  • Chassis guarantee of twelve years

What are the benefits of caravan living?

Here are the key benefits of living within a caravan if you still need convincing to leap after finding your perfect spot and envisioning your ideal caravan.

1. Buying or renting a property is more expensive.

Anyone with a mortgage may be in for some bad news: private rental costs are skyrocketing, social housing is in scarce supply, and mortgage interest rates have been increasing.

A new, state-of-the-art luxury caravan may be purchased for £100,000 in the UK, while even a small home can cost up to £100,000; in comparison, a good-quality secondhand static caravan can be had for approximately £15,000.

While 5% VAT is due on the purchase price, there is no stamp duty to pay. Even when you throw in the cost of purchasing the caravan, the yearly price for having the vehicle parked on a site will still be far less expensive than leasing or purchasing a residence.

2. It’s more affordable compared to house living.

The cost of living is lower, and caravans are far less expensive than conventional houses. No council tax is due if you reside in a caravan; however, the campsite proprietors pay a flat rate per pitch, which is then added to your nightly fee.

As a bonus, you can reduce the amount spent on utility bills. The cost of the electric hook-up, which will power your caravan, is included in the nightly rate. There is no limit to consumption, and a backup generator is available in case of an electrical outage.

While the refrigerator can be powered by gas, a 240v electric hookup, or 12v electric batteries, the heating system is likely to be dual fuel, meaning it can be operated on either gas or electric. Using bottled gas can also eliminate the need for costly gas cards.

3. Every day may be a vacation!

Most caravan parks in the United Kingdom are popular tourist regions, so you can expect to find scenic landscapes and maybe even a few nearby attractions. This is particularly true in more rural areas just outside of larger towns.

So, if you’re ever on vacation in a caravan and enjoy complete relaxation, you may bring that same sense of contentment home with you every day.

In the end!

In the end, get static caravan insurance once you’ve decided on a manufacturer and purchased your ideal vacation house. If you don’t have it, your investment can be for naught. Ensure you get it right by giving yourself a comprehensive quiz; you will be well on your path to building your vacation rental for your next adventure.