You should separate the laundry to prevent soiling or unwanted damage to the fabric. In most cases, separating laundry could mean washing in separate cycles. That is a tedious task unless you own two washing machines at home.  

The good news is that now, you can achieve that with just a single washing machine, thanks to new technology in laundry called Twine Washing technology. The technology is that the washing machine comes with two separate washing chambers hence allowing for two different wash cycles. 

LG was the first to come up with this technology. The washing chambers are of different sizes but operated simultaneously and independently. 

You can separate laundry into various colors. Also, your sorting and washing can go by material, level of soiling, and delicate fabric features. It also cuts the washing time by half. The significant technology implemented in LG washers includes TrueSteam and Turbo Steam. 

The former produces steam which penetrates the clothes and eliminates household allergens. It also removes odors and wrinkles while softening and refreshing the clothes. Turbo Wash technology uses a jet spray and filtration to disperse the detergent into the fabric, significantly reducing the washing time. 

Stay Connected  

Twin wash technology is compatible with Wi-Fi, meaning you can control the unit or monitor it remotely via a handy application. You can also download wash cycles through the Download Cycle feature, track the energy used through the Energy Monitoring feature, and receive alerts. You can also diagnose problems on the Smart Diagnosis program. That happens after powering on Wi-Fi. 

How It Works  

You may be familiar with the modern automatic washing machine, combining washing and spinning into a single process and tumble drying in one drum. With a twin tub, things are different. First, as discussed, the twin tub comes with two drums. One of these, especially the left one, is for washing garments. The right drum is there to spin clothes.  

Again, most twin tubs are not plumbed-in devices but have many hoses. One is attached to the hot water tap, while the other hose is attached to the back of the machine, used to drain water. 

Advantages of a Twin Tub Washer 

You do not have to plumb in a twin tub as you can store it anywhere, as long as you have a clear path to wheel it within the length of the hose of a water point. Again the washer is water-saving and highly efficient. You can start your circle with a load of slightly soiled clothes and recycle some water to wash more dirty garments. 

You can also save that water to use in your garden. But ensure you use environmentally friendly soaps. Again, the spin cycle is efficient, meaning that it is likely to outperform many automatics. That, therefore, translates to less drying time. 

This technology helps you save time. That is evident because the washing machine comes with two separate drums, enabling you to do two loads of laundry simultaneously. You can save up to 50% of your time. And that means you can complete other daily tasks without compromising laundry quality. 

Traditional washers allow you to have one load of garments at a time, subjecting it to at least three cycles of 45 minutes each. You will spend three times the amount of water you would use in the twin washer and three times the time, not to mention three times the amount of energy.  

Ultimately, your power and water bills will be a lot more, plus you will have to spend ridiculously more time checking your machine and restarting it after each cycle. 

The twin wash machine has time and energy-saving features, such as the EcoHybrid mode. When doing laundry on this, you use less water and less energy. The TurboWash 360 mode, on the other hand, can wash a load of garments in just under 40 minutes (36 minutes, to be precise). 

Again, the fact that you can wash two loads simultaneously means that you can save chunks of time. It means you won’t have to wait for one load to finish so that you start another one. You can put a heavy load in the main washer and another light load or delicate in the washer’s sidekick with a capacity of up to 3.5 kg. 

Do I Need a Twin Tub?  

Whether or not you should acquire a twin tub depends on your priorities. A modern automatic washer is better if your labor and time are the most important. However, the twin washing machine is ideal for most applications as it features water and time-saving qualities. That will save you some bucks from energy and water bills. Also, you will save time with all the laundry.  

Also, consider purchasing one if you are concerned about space. These machines save space as they only take up a small space compared to buying two separate washers. They are ideal if you have a small apartment or laundry room. Apart from saving space, the washer is also more flexible in terms of doing laundry when compared to traditional washing machines.  

You can use the smaller tank for gym clothes, delicates, or for smaller loads while at the same time using the bigger tank for another load, something impossible with a traditional washing machine.  In the same vein, you should consider a twin wash for its convenience.   

You can start a load of laundry and run errands knowing the washer will have finished washing by the time you are through. 


Homekeeprs can embrace the new technology by adapting this new twin washer using advanced washing technology. The washing machine is feature packed and compatible with WiFi. You can monitor it remotely, it is tough on stubborn stains, and its design and usability are something to go by.  


The machine’s downloaded cycle lets you transfer additional cleaning modes from the Smart Laundry Android and iOS applications to the washer. You should consider this washing machine in 2023.