As an avid casino player, you’re probably always in search of new fun facts about the casino industry as you never know when some information may come in handy. Whenever one is passionate about something, they’re immersed in it and eager to learn everything there is about the topic. Naturally, the same goes for gamblers, and we’re not just talking about developing the best strategy and putting on the best poker face. In fact, gamblers also like to learn about the history of the gambling legends that came before them and what better way to find out more than to simply watch a movie or a documentary?

Whether you’re watching a movie based on a true story or a completely fictitious character, you get an insight into a whole new perspective and you actually pick up some tips and tricks that you see on screen. Or, at the least, you learn which mistakes to avoid and when to call it quits. So, whether you’re a gambling pro or a newcomer ready to discover the casino world, we suggest that you take a look at some movies as it’ll not only help you pass the time, you’ll also get to learn something new. Plus, it’s a fun activity and you could even invite your friends to join in. We’ve chosen three most memorable on screen characters who were somehow connected to gambling. To find out more, keep reading the article.

Raymond Babbitt in Rain Man

Unless you’ve been living under a rock all these years, you’ve definitely heard of the movie Rain Man as it not only caught the audience’s eye, but it also received several awards. Although the movie is not strictly about gambling, there are some casino elements that pop up in the story and that are essential for the plot. The two main characters are Charlie(Tom Cruise) and Raymond (Dustin Hoffman) who are brothers, although they don’t really have a close relationship. Charlie is the one always getting in trouble, whereas Raymond is highly intelligent even though he’s autistic and has trouble expressing himself.

Charlie soon notices his brother’s ability to count cards and add numbers quickly. Naturally, he uses his brother’s magical counting powers to try and hit the jackpot to pay off his debts. Raymond proves to be great with memorizing cards and begins to rake in large amounts of money. However, this doesn’t go unnoticed by the casino staff? Do they manage to get out of this pickle? You’ll just have to watch and see.

Teddy KGB in Rounders

This 1998 American drama dives deep into the world of poker and the title itself(rounder) refers to a person whose innocent hobby is to travel from place to place and participate in high-stakes card games. The plot revolves around the charming Mike McDermott, played by Matt Damon. He’s a pro when it comes to card games but he ends up losing a lot of money and decides it’s time to call it quits for good. He quits poker and goes back to law school. However, he is soon drawn back into the casino world and tries his luck one more time.

However, although being the main character, it’s in fact Teddy “KGB” played by John Malkovich who keeps us glued to the screen with his entertaining performance. He plays a Russian mobster who runs the underground games of Texas hold’em and the guy you turn to if you’re ever in need of a poker tutorial.

The role fits him perfectly and his Russian accent along with his body language and gestures bring the character to life.

Jim Bennet in The Gambler

Literature professor by day, a gamblig addict by night—Jim Bennet(played by Mark Whalberg) is the main character who lives his life believing that you either have it all or nothing. That’s what leads to his chaotic and concerning gambling lifestyle as he tends to bet more money than he can afford. Naturally, as he continues gambling, he gets into debt. And, what does a casino addict do in such a situation? They borrow money from the wrong people.

Once he’s pressured to return the money, he turns to one of his students but the problems don’t stop there. Will he be able to get out of the mess and return the money? Don’t worry, we won’t give away any spoilers but we do recommend that you give this one a chance.

The bottom line

It was a challenge choosing among such great characters but we hope we’ve made the right choice. Hopefully, some of these characters will teach you a thing or two about gambling and help you discover a new dimension of this fun and thrilling world.