Everyone wants to lead a healthy and wholesome life where they are active and able to move around freely. No one wants to succumb to the pain and lead a life of restricted movement. It dampens one’s spirit and makes them have a resigned attitude towards life, which doesn’t help in today’s day and age. Earlier pain in the knee, hip, wrist, or ankle used to occur when a person reached a certain age. Today, people in their 30s and early 40s fall prey to it. And that clearly suggests that there needs to be advanced treatment to help in better pain management in people across all age groups.

The field of regenerative medicine

One of the common ways in which people used to relieve their pain was through taking pills and using pain relief sprays. While that is an excellent option to relieve the pain, the relief was only temporary. Today, medical science has made more progress and has made it possible for most people suffering from body, muscle, and joint pain to get relief. It is the field of regenerative medicine that enables a person to take the help of new-age science and its pain management tactics to ensure that they heal better so that the person can reduce the pain to the minimum and go about their lives freely.

Simply put, the field of regenerative medicine focuses on healing the pain area from within! It taps the root cause of the pain and understands that the body can restore itself naturally when given conducive conditions. For that, it uses stem cells and tissues of the patient to bring about healing. To know more about this, you can check out QC Kinetix (Chanhassen).

What should you expect?

It takes a lot for people to transition from traditional medicine and opt for regenerative medicine. Even though the treatment modality offers more benefits than traditional medicine, people still dread to fear the unknown. Here are a few things that you can expect when you choose this treatment modality:

Individual care and specialized treatment

When it comes to pain, no one size fits all! Even when you have knee pain or wrist pain, the frequency of pain and the extent to which a person suffers from it vary. Therefore, treating this pain through regenerative medicine enables you to get individual care based on your specific situation. That way, you can expect to heal better and experience wellness that you didn’t witness from traditional medicine.

It might take time

No healing modality works overnight, making you go completely pain-free! Even when you’ve had stem cell therapy, you need to give your body the desired time to recover and come to the needed apt balance. Here you have to follow the protocols your doctor asked you to follow and ensure that you heal in the best possible way.

Finally, you need to know that once you opt-in for regenerative medicine, it becomes essential for you to understand that the healing is long-term, and you will find that the concerned body part is restoring back to betterment with each passing day. For athletes, it is vital to get back into training slowly and optimally with low-impact exercises like careful bodyweight workouts, gentle stairmaster training at home, or swimming.