Roughly 423 million people older than 20 years experience urinary incontinence. Medications and surgeries can treat the problem over time, but you need diapers to stay comfortable and hygienic. Adult diapers liberate and empower you to live unaffectedly. These hygiene items contain the leaks for hours, so you can engage in everyday activities and be at peace amid crowds. 

Awareness campaigns and social media crusades have put adult diapers in the limelight. Cases of stigmatization around people using adult diapers have reduced drastically. Hence, the production volumes of adult diapers have increased, with more players joining the industry. The adult diaper options are unlimited, and you can choose from many colors, sizes, weights, and styles. 

What To Look For When Choosing the Best Adult Diapers 

Choosing the best adult diapers involves more than searching for top sellers, reading reviews, and comparing top products. The diapers you buy must suit your sizing needs, be of good quality, and have superior absorbency ratings.  

So, what do you look for in the best adult diapers? Below are fundamental specs that every high-quality adult diaper must meet. 

1. Diaper Sizes 

Adult diaper sizing is one of the most complicated subjects to understand. Same-size diapers may fit differently, especially if they are from different brands. Comfort-enhancing features, such as contouring and absorbency, make adults feel smaller than they are. First, get accurate waist and hip measurements to find the best adult pull ups that fit well. Some adult diaper brands and types will require you to have the right leg and weight measurements. 

Keep your muscles relaxed when taking these measurements. Tight or loose muscles can increase or lower the leg and waist measurements by several inches. Many leading diaper manufacturers offer waist-size brackets and best-fit recommendations. For instance, you will find diapers with a waist size tag of 36’’- 40’’ or 34” – 38’’. Always compare the maximum waist size measurement to the diaper size guide to find the right-sized adult diaper. 

Adult diapers are also available in sizes suitable for people with varying body weights. Most diaper brands offer gender-specific and unisex diapers that address the unique physical differences between males and females. 

2. Disposable or Reusable Diapers?

Adult diapers are either reusable or disposable, each with benefits and constraints. Disposable adult nappies come in many styles and sizes for convenience. They are mostly leak and absorbent-proof but are more costly in the long run. Disposable adult diapers are not eco-friendly and may feel uncomfortable for some users. 

On the other hand, reusable nappies are more economical in the long run. They generate less waste and feel more comfortable for some users. However, these diapers require more work to clean and maintain and are not as absorbent and discreet as disposable diapers.

3. Odor Guards

The smell of urine or feces can embarrass you big time. The best incontinence products should address this issue and provide the discretion and comfort you deserve. Odor guards are essential adult diaper features that use polymers to control odors. These guards have high-absorbency ratings and chemical resistance capabilities. 

Odor guards are either chemical-backed or physical materials. Chemical guards use tea tree oil, baking soda, activated charcoal, and other chemicals to neutralize the odor from feces and urine. On the other hand, physical odor guards use a physical barrier to trap the smell. 

Many odor guards have polymers made of bentonite clay, zeolites, and activated carbon. Consider nappies with non-toxic odor guards since they are ideal for everyone, even users with allergies and chemical sensitivities. Customer opinions regarding the odor guards in various adult nappies can help with the buying decisions.

4. Backing Material

The backing material is one of the most fundamental parts of an incontinence product. This layer of the adult diaper stays in contact with the user’s skin. It is responsible for absorbing defecation, so its absorbency ratings should be high to hold a significant amount of the liquid. The material should be waterproof to prevent leaking of urine and keep the wearer dry. Also, the backing material should be soft and comfy to keep the skin from irritation. 

There are two main types of backing materials–cloth-backed and plastic-backed. Cloth-backed nappies have a  breathable fabric such as nylon or polyester. These breathable fabrics allow smooth air circulation around the wearer’s skin to prevent infections and rashes. Sadly, cloth-backed materials have low absorbent capacity and are likely to cause leaking when you wear the diapers for an extended period. 

Plastic-backed diapers have a waterproof polymer material such as polyethylene. They are more absorbent than cloth-backed materials. However, they do not allow efficient air circulation around the wearer’s skin. That can lead to moisture trapping against the wearer’s skin, leading to infections. 

Summing Up 

These are pointers you cannot miss to reflect on when buying adult diapers. Work towards getting the right-sized adult diaper with the best features to offer the comfort and discretion you deserve. Knowing your waist and hip size is not enough. Measure also your legs and weight. Speak with your medical specialist for a more personalized recommendation when buying adult diapers.