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There’s nothing better than hanging out with your good friends on a warm summer day by the river. A few cold beers to throw back, great conversation and food can make for a fun and relaxing day. However, when one group of friends noticed a cooler floating their way, they immediately felt an intense feeling of dread.

Curious, one of the friends decided to bring it to shore and what they found inside was absolutely terrifying.

The Perfect Day

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For one group of friends, spending a day on the river was the perfect way to spend the day. And for the most part, everything was great. The beer was cold, the food awesome and laughter filled the air.

However, everything changed when they noticed a cooler floating down the river in the distance.

Too Good to Miss

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One of the friends decided to film the cooler, thinking it was too cool to pass up. And it’s a good thing he did too because what they found inside was worth filming. At first, the group thought it could be someone’s that had slipped into the river, but no one claimed it.

Where could it have come from?

Whose Cooler?

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The group remained persistent, questioning everyone on the river bank. “Is that your cooler?” the cameraman asked. “I don’t think it’s going to be moving for a while,” said the people across the river.

Super curious, the guys began to question what could be inside. Hopefully, it wasn’t a chopped up body.

Treasure or Something Else?

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One of the guys in the group suggested it could treasure or money. With the cooler caught on the other bank, there was no way they could just let it float over there and not know what was inside it.

They simply needed someone to volunteer to swim over.

Swimming Over

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The guy filming didn’t bring his bathing suit, so he volunteered another guy in blue swim trunks to go grab it. The guy swam through the current to the other side. Even his dog was curious and swam over with him. Maybe the dog sensed something inside it?

Back on Dry Land

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It took a moment for the swimmer to bring the cooler back to the other bank. While the cooler was big, it was very buoyant, which meant whatever was inside didn’t weigh too much. The excitement among the group of friends was overwhelming The mystery surrounding the strange cooler just had to be solved!

Too Many Questions

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The questions surrounding the cooler were numerous. How did it end up in the river? Why did someone tape it shut? Were they trying to keep something in it? The cooler ending up in the river hadn’t been a simple accident. And the truth would be revealed…unfortunately it was much more sinister then the group of guys could have expected.

Something Illegal?

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One of the guys wasn’t too keen on finding out what was inside. What if it happened to be something illegal? Regardless, the group as a whole decided to open it and slowly began to pull the tape off of the cooler.

The tension was so thick in the air you could have cut it with a knife.

Opening the Hatch

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After removing the tape, the guy opening the cooler hesitates. Did he really want to know what was in there? However, the cameraman urged him to open up the cooler’s hatch. Slowly, he opened the cooler and revealed something very eerie…

A Total Shock

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The guy opening the cooler took one look at what was inside and immediately jumped away with a scream. A few others looked down into the cooler and began to scream as well. This began to attract others in the area. What could be causing so much ruckus?

Well, they were about to find out.

Unable to Process

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The cameraman couldn’t process what he was seeing. The guy who had opened the cooler pensively returned and looked inside again. He just couldn’t believe what he saw. It was just too dang creepy. Honestly, we would have been running for our car and never looked back!

A Twisted Joke?

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Inside the cooler looked what appeared to be a baby. We’re not sure why no one immediately called 9-1-1. Thankfully, someone took a closer look and they were relieved to know they hadn’t stumbled upon an infant’s corpse.

The Creepy Doll

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It seemed someone had thrown a doll in a cooler, taped it shut and sent it floating down the river. The big question was why? Could it have been some joke? Did the doll have some sort of demon possessing it?

What Else?

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One of the other friends in the group suggested the doll could be packed with illegal drugs. However, after opening up the cooler the rest of the way they discovered it was just the doll inside.

The cameraman found the situation so unbelievable and weird. We would too!

Shaken and Unnerved

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The cameraman admitted to being slightly unnerved by the whole situation. His friends were too, thinking they had found an actual child in the cooler. With all the commotion, some curious bystanders began to wander over to the area.

A Curious Stranger

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One woman on vacation was curious to see what was in the cooler that was creating so much excitement. Slowly, she bent down to peek inside at the urging of the two guys. She had no idea what to expect.

Jumping High

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Of course, the girl got quite a surprise and jumped into the air, screaming at the top of her lungs. This attracted the attention of her friend, who wandered over with her iPhone, hoping to take a picture of the mystery item inside.

A Memorable Photo

Knowing something was in the cooler that was creepy, the friend didn’t react with too much enthusiasm. Amused, she snapped a picture of it. At least they had something memorable happen on their vacation, right?

Going Viral

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After the incident, the cameraman decided to post his cooler video on YouTube. It went viral in August 2017 and garnered over 10 million views. He also decided to keep the creepy doll. Personally, we would have burned it.

Something Wicked This Way Comes

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Honestly, there is something very strange about this entire ordeal. Could the entire video have been staged for views by the group of friends? One person who watched the video seems to think so.

The Evidence

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One commenter pointed out that the duck tape was still very sticky. If the cooler had been in the water for more than ten minutes, it would have lost all sticking capabilities. A very interesting piece of information for sure.

An Elaborate Hoax?

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The YouTube channel that posted the video was known for other prank videos, so it makes you wonder if this was just a setup. Regardless, they definitely got more than they bargained for with that cooler.

So, what do you think? A random incident or a planned prank? We may never know.