Do you feel like you’re losing the battle to malicious attackers? Have you ever wondered why it feels so? It’s because cyber threats are on the rise and the malicious attackers are even more proficient at their role these days. Malicious attackers have no specific targets and their knowledge of important security elements make them a threat to large and small organizations alike. So, where does this leave us? Well, adopting effective mitigation strategies and securing your systems are the two most important ways to safeguard your system. The Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate certification builds upon your knowledge of cybersecurity operations to help you face the possible security risks confidently.

Find out what you should know about the modern cybersecurity domain from our comprehensive guide.

A Sneak Preview of the Modern Cybersecurity

With the advent of technology, the world has been reduced to a global village. However, today’s interconnected devices also mean that individuals are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks than ever before. This explains why cybersecurity skills are in high demand today and why you should prioritize updating your IT skills to cover the latest security concepts. In this post, we cover one of the most important security exams offered by Cisco, exam 210-260 by code, that clears your path to becoming a Cisco Certified CyberOps 300-415 ENSDWI at the associate level.

What Should You Know About the Cisco 210-260 Exam?

Cisco Cybersecurity Fundamentals, commonly known as the Cisco 210-260 exam, is one of the two exams that validate your associate-level knowledge of cybersecurity operations. Exam 210-260 explores the latest cybersecurity trends including your knowledge of basic cybersecurity principles that you will require when sitting for the second exam, 210-255 by code. Passing this test issued by Cisco confirms that you have the required skills to successfully serve as a Security Analyst.

Associated Certification Path: Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate

The Cisco 210-260 exam is a criterion for attaining the Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate certification, which was previously known as the CCNA Cyber Ops. Boasting a restructured curriculum, the new associate level Cisco CyberOps credential is intended to expand the candidate’s knowledge of cybersecurity operations and the way they apply this knowledge when faced with security threats, related to modern technology. Whether you want to launch a career in the cybersecurity domain or switch from your current role, the Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate certification is a smart option.

What Is the Value of the Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate Certification?

The new Associate level Cisco cybersecurity curriculum has been restructured to prepare candidates for specific job roles in the industry. Getting certified showcases your professional knowledge and mastery of various security operations. Thus, your skills will always be in demand. And the fact that you have got this certification from Cisco, a reputable IT certification vendor, will put you on the same level with the top dogs of the industry.

Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate Jobs

As security continues to become one of the most important issues for many organizations, the demand for certified professionals is also on the rise. Validating your associate level Cybersecurity skills using this Cisco certification clears your path to serving as a Network Security Engineer, a Cybersecurity Engineer and an Information Security Analyst. Given the broad nature of these cybersecurity positions, the specific roles may overlap depending on the nature of the organization.

Impending Certification Changes

Because of the rapidly expanding nature of the IT industry and the increasing number of cybersecurity threats, Cisco sees it reasonable to design a comprehensive program that will be centered on modern cyber operations. This will form the basis of the new associate-level Cisco Cybersecurity program and candidates will be required to pass one consolidated exam (Cisco 200-201 CBROPS) to attain it. Hey! Don’t worry if you are already working on your Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate credential because the new changes won’t take effect until May 2020.

How to Prepare for Your 210-260 Exam with Cisco?

Like you might have noticed, Cisco provides several training materials that are usually created by certification experts. And for the Cisco 210-260 exam, the situation is not different. Candidates preparing for this exam will have plenty of training options to choose from, ranging from the effective self-study materials to the Cisco personal lab environments, the classroom training option and the E-learning platform.

So, visit the Cisco official certification page and tailor the chosen resources to suit your learning needs.

Certify Easily Using Prepaway

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It’s important to note that all the files from the Prepaway website can only be opened with the VCE Software that imitates the real exam testing environment. Thus, Prepaway might be one of the best online platforms to sharpen your skills and accelerate your career.


Cisco Certified CyberOps certification provides extensive coverage of cybersecurity skills that are applicable to real-world scenarios. If you are interested in building an IT career with this Cisco credential, then it’s time to do so, using Prepaway with its reliable free exam dumps. Hope the covered exam prep tips and certification details will help you advance your knowledge and prepare you for the exciting challenge ahead. Good luck!