When we get into the habit of using everyday items, sometimes we look passed other features that item offers. Believe it or not, these common items have other uses and hacks that will make your life much easier!


Small Pocket on Jeans

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Have you ever noticed that really tiny fifth pocket on your favorite pair of jeans? It’s always too small to actually hold anything, so why is it actually there? Well, it used to be used for pocket watches back in the 1800’s!

Rivets on Jeans

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You know those little metal rivets on jeans? They also have a purpose! When jeans were first sold, they were intended for the working class. So, these rivets initially were placed to keep the jeans together and prevent them from ripping while these people worked.

The Hole in the Cap of a Pen

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If you look at the top of the cap to your pen, you’ll notice that there is a small hole. This is actually a lifesaving tool! If the cap is accidentally swallowed and choked on, the hole allows air to pass through.

Metal on Tape Measure

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The metal on the end of a tape measure is actually super useful. When you don’t have anyone to hold the end, you can hook it to a nail or the edge of whatever you’re measuring.

Ridges on Coin Sides

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The ridges on the edge of coins were added to keep people from stealing money. Many years ago, when a coin was worth its weight in metal, people would shave off some of the edges and save up those shavings to melt into new coins. So, avoid this from happening, they added the ridges.

Can Tab

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You may think that the tab on the top of a can is to help you open it. There is more to it, though! If you turn it around, it acts as a place to hold your straw.

Fabric Squares

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Sometimes when you buy a nice piece of clothing, you’ll find a little square of extra fabric and maybe a button along with it. This is so you can patch up any holes that may rip in the piece of clothing and replace any buttons that may fall off.

Metal Loops on Shopping Carts

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You may think you know how to use a shopping cart, but we’re here to tell you that you aren’t using it to its full potential. The little metal loops at the top are actually there to hold your bags! This makes it so much easier to unload your cart into your car and keep your bread from being squished.

Half Belt on Coats

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The half belt on the back of some pea and trench coats isn’t just a fashion statement. It was actually first used on military jackets. This was because coats would be used as blankets and the belt allowed soldiers to tighten the fabric when they wore it.

Arrow on Gas Gauge

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That little arrow next to the gas tank symbol on your car is actually super useful. It points to the side of your car where the fuel tank is located.

Holes in Converse

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Originally, Converse sneakers were worn by basketball players in the early 1900s. Now that they have made a comeback fashion statement, you may be wondering what the holes in the side are for. It’s so that the shoe fits everyone and allows the person wearing them to lace the shoes as needed.

Pill Bottle Tops

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Those childproof caps can be a pain, especially when you’re feeling weak and sick. If you are tired of struggling and don’t have children around, you can flip the lid over and use it to close the bottle. It fits and is not childproof.

Margins on Notebook Paper

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The margin isn’t just to help you make that two-page essay requirement. It was actually added many years ago when rats were common in people’s homes. Rats would chew on the edge of paper, so to protect people’s work, the rat would chew on the margins rather than the actual work.

Condiment Cups

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It’s hard to dip something bigger than a French fry in one of those condiment containers. Well, you can actually pull them apart and fan them out to make it easier to dunk your food.

Chinese Takeout Containers

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Rather than reaching deep into a Chinese takeout carton, you can make it into your own personal plate. Just unfold the sides and you have your own platter.

Pom-Poms on Hats

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The pom-pom on the top of a beanie isn’t just a fashion statement. It is actually used to keep the seams of the hat from coming apart.

Pocket in Women’s Underwear

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That extra piece of fabric in a woman’s panties isn’t actually meant to be a “pocket.” Instead, it’s there for hygienic reasons. The only reason it’s open is because manufacturers are too lazy to sew the other side shut. Higher-end underwear have both sides sewn shut.

Long Necks on Soda and Beer Bottles

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Have you ever wondered by the neck of a bottle is so long? It was intentionally designed this way to keep your drink colder longer.

Metal Plates on Staplers

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The metal plate on the end of a stapler has more use than just pushing the ends of the staple flat. It can actually be turned to create a “temporary staple.” That means the ends will turn out, rather than in.

Hole in Lollipop Sticks

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When you’ve finished your lollipop, have you noticed the small hole on the end of the stick? This is to keep the candy on the stick when it is being made. When the paper sticks were used, the candy stuck better.

Plastic Drink Lid

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The plastic lid to your drink isn’t just for keep your liquid in your cup. It can also be used as a coaster! Notice the three small bumps that keep it elevated on a flat surface.

Arrangement of Letters on a Keyboard

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Have you ever wondered why the letters on your keyboard are in a random order and not alphabetical? It’s because when the letters were in alphabetical order, the typists would type so fast that they would break their typewriters. So, the manufacturers decided to switch up the letters to slow them down.

Hole in Pot Handles

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That hole in the handle of a pot isn’t there by coincidence. It’s to hold your wooden spoon! This way you won’t make a mess on the counter when you put it down.

Holes in Pasta Spoons

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It’s hard to gauge how much pasta you should make for dinner. It’s just so easy to pour the entire box into the pot. So, next time you’re making spaghetti, use the hole in the middle of a pasta spoon to measure out a single serving. It’s an easy dinner for one!

Detachable Headrests

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Did you know that your headrest can be used as a tool to help you if you’re stuck in a car? If you can’t open the door, detach the headrest and use the two metal poles to break the window.

Hole in Airplane Windows

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Having the window seat on a plane is one of the best things in the world. While staring at the fluffy clouds, have you noticed the small hole in the window? It’s there to let air flow through so that pressure doesn’t build up when the plane ascends.

Black Dot on iPhones

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That small black dot between your camera and flash on your iPhone actually has an important meaning. It’s actually a third microphone that eliminates background noise when recording a video.

Silica Gel Packets

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Those little silica gel packets can actually help you in a sticky situation. They are used in new products to keep them fresh, especially in humid environments. The beads inside soak up the moisture. So, if you ever need to dry your phone out after it falls into water, use these packets. They’re better than rice.

Indentation at the Bottom of Wine Bottles

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That little indentation on the bottom of wine bottles isn’t just for show. There are actually a few reasons it’s there. When bottles were hand blown, they would seal the bottom by pushing it up. Now, it’s used to collect sediment at the bottom and evenly distribute pressure in carbonated wines.

Tire Treads

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When checking your tire pressure, have you noticed the little raised edges inside the grooves? It’s there to help you indicate whether it is time to get new tires or now. When that tread is close to the surface, it means your tires have worn down.

Lines on a Solo Cup

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The red solo cup may be the staple of every college party and backyard BBQ. That doesn’t mean it can’t be sophisticated, though! The lines on the cup are actually measurements for different types of alcohol.

Two-Sided Eraser

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Growing up, legend had it that one side of this eraser could make ink disappear. Unfortunately, this wasn’t true. Instead, the two sides are used to erase different types of graphite. It’s mostly used by artists.

Last Holes on Running Shoes

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Those holes at the top of your sneakers are actually very useful, especially if you experience foot pain while running. You can use them to lace your shoes differently depending on the shape of your foot for a more comfortable fit.

Bobby Pin’s Wavy Side

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The wavy side of a bobby pin is there for more than just aesthetic. It’s actually supposed to be on the underside and is used to grip your hair to stay in place.

Toothpaste Stripes

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The red, white, and blue stripes in Aquafresh toothpaste isn’t to show support for America. Each stripe is actually a different ingredient. The red stripe is for gum health, the blue strip is for fresh breath, and the white strip is to clean your teeth.

Hole in McFlurry Spoons

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It’s always been a little awkward trying to eat a McFlurry with one of those big, square spoons. There’s a reason the spoon is shaped like that though. The spoon is actually an attachment for the machine that makes the McFlurries, which is why there is a hole in the end.

Three Handles on a Jerry Can

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For those campers and travelers out there, you’ve probably wondered why there are three handles on a Jerry can. It’s so two people can carry it at once when it gets too heavy.

Wooden Hangers

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While wooden hangers may look fancier than the typical plastic or wire hangers, there’s a reason they are made out of wood. When made from cedar wood, the hangers are supposed to repel bugs from your clothing.

Small Hole on a Gas Can

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What could that small hole on the handle of a gas can actually be used for? It isn’t so you can pour gas into smaller containers. It’s used to prevent “glugging” when pouring out of the larger hole. Before pouring gas, take the cap off of the little hole for a smooth stream.

Plastic Liner in Soda Caps

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There’s a reason soda bottle caps have a small plastic ring inside. It’s to seal the bottle well and keep the carbon dioxide from escaping and making the soda go flat.

Buttons on Women’s Shirts

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Have you ever noticed that the buttons on women’s shirts are on the left while the men’s are on the right? While it has no meaning today, many years ago it was a sign of social status. If you owned clothes with buttons, then you were probably dressed by a servant, so the buttons would be on her right, making it easier to button.

Bump on “F” and “J” Key

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The reason for the small bump on the “F” and “J” keys on a keyboard is actually genius. It’s so you can feel where your hands are on the keyboard without looking. Once you’ve learned how to type, the home stance becomes second nature.

Grooves on Toothpicks at Restaurants

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The grooves at the end of a toothpick are actually there for restaurant etiquette. When you are finished using it, you can break off the end and place it under the tip on the table so it doesn’t touch the surface.

Numbers on Mayo Packets

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Reddit users went nuts when they noticed different numbers in the corner of Heinz mayonnaise packets. They created different theories as to what the meaning could be. Finally, the manufacturer revealed that it indicated which line the packets were created so they could be identified in case of any issues.

Toblerone Candy Shape

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Many people believe that the triangular shape of Toblerone is a nod to the famous Alps in Switzerland. However, it’s so you can break off the candy piece by piece and enjoy the chocolate slowly.

Flaps on Juice Boxes

Macintosh HD:private:var:folders:sf:nnzf6d593v91pnjdzr14dp380000gn:T:TemporaryItems:Screen Shot 2019-08-08 at 7.45.16 AM.png

Juice boxes are a kid’s drink, so the manufacturer added two flaps at the top with little hands in mind. When you open them, your child can hold the juice box easily.

Hole on the Bottom of a Padlock

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That little hole next to where you place a key on a padlock is there so you can use it outdoors. Not only can it be used to lubricate the lock when it’s rusted or old, but it also offers as drainage so water doesn’t stay inside the lock if it rains.

Blue Toothbrush Bristles

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How often do you have to change your toothbrush? Just look at the blue bristles! When they start to fade in color, it means that it’s time to get a new toothbrush.