Have you ever played a slot game but were not sure whether or not it was a progressive slot? If so, you are not alone. Almost all slots are characterized by spinning reels, incredible bonus games, and free spins that trigger more bonuses or cash prizes. For this reason, most players find it challenging to differentiate between progressive slots and standard/classic slot games. You can see a sample here by using promo code ice casino.

Also, every slot game has a “jackpot prize.” And it is the biggest prize you can claim on any slot title. That said, the next time you claim a jackpot on your favorite slot, remember that the title might not be a progressive slot.

A progressive slot is a title that has prize money that increases each time a player plays the game. The prize money keeps on growing until a player wins the jackpot. In contrast, traditional slots have fixed prize money (jackpot). The value of the prize money doesn’t increase each time a player wagers on these games.

It is important to note that a player’s entire stake doesn’t go into the jackpot pool on progressive slots. Instead, a designated percentage of the player’s stake is used to fund the jackpot.

Fancy claiming life-changing prizes? With such prizes, you can get your dream car, pay your tuition debt, or start a side business, and this is why you should indulge in progressive slots. Moreover, the jackpots on progressive slots are easier to claim than those on lottery games because most slots have an RTP% (Return To Player) of 96% or more.

The Secret Behind How Progressive Slots Function

Have you ever asked yourself why progressive slots have varying jackpot prizes? If this has never crossed your mind, visit your go-to online casino and check out the prize on offer on each progressive slot offering. We bet you noticed that some slots have bigger cash prizes than others. The more players play a particular slot offering, the more its jackpot prize increases. As a result, slots popular with slot enthusiasts will tend to have the most lucrative cash prizes. Also, note that the longer the slot’s jackpot goes unclaimed, the bigger the jackpot on offer increases.

As earlier mentioned, when you stake $10 on a progressive slot, the entire amount doesn’t go to the jackpot pool. Instead, a percentage of your stake will go into funding the jackpot. Some platforms might set aside 20% of a player’s stake to fund their progressive jackpot. If you happen to be playing on such a platform and play with $10, only $2 will go into the jackpot prize money.

Multiple slots can simultaneously contribute to the jackpot prize money on progressive slots. You will come across similar slots in different gaming establishments.

On the other hand, some slots are unique to particular casinos. When players wager on a slot offering available on more than one platform, they are likely contributing to the slot’s jackpot prize money, irrespective of the platform they are playing.

You can, therefore, walk away with the biggest jackpot wins by indulging in progressive slots that are offered on more than one gaming establishment.

What Happens When A Player Wins A Progressive Slot Jackpot

No, the prize money doesn’t reset to zero when a lucky player claims the jackpot. Most progressive slots have a designated minimum jackpot prize. The most popular slots will set their minimum jackpot prize at $1 million. Alternatively, progressive slots will reseed their jackpot prize money to $300,000 or less.

How To Win Progressive Slot Jackpot Prizes

Triggering jackpot prizes will allow you to claim the progressive slot jackpot prize. There is no one way to trigger these prizes since the jackpot prize win mechanics vary from one progressive slot to the other. Now, let us explore the different strategies you can use to trigger the biggest payouts on progressive slots.

Win The Jackpot At Random

Some progressive slots will let you claim the jackpot prize after any spin. Sounds simple, right? You, therefore, don’t have to worry about triggering a bonus game, lining particular symbols, or playing a designated number of rounds.

Nevertheless, you might have to stake the maximum wagers on these slots. You will discover that progressive slots that allow players to claim the jackpot on any spin mostly reward players willing to spend a lot of money on the slot.

Wager With Maximum Stakes

Betting with the maximum stakes will trigger the progressive slot jackpot bonus on specific slots. Budget players will, therefore, find the jackpot offers on these slots elusive. In contrast, high-rollers can claim the top prize on progressive slots that require players to wager with the maximum stakes without breaking a sweat.

You might not know this, but progressive slots that trigger the jackpot prize when players wager using the maximum stakes also award players with tickets each time they make a qualifying bet. Players rewarded with tickets that match the jackpot prize algorithm end up claiming the progressive slot jackpot.

Lining Combinations Or Landing Symbols

Do you believe you can line or land symbols on a specific payline? It sounds like a mean feat, but it is possible. So, if you think you can easily land designated symbols o,n designated paylines, you might be walking away with progressive slot jackpot bonuses sooner than you think.

Some progressive slots will allow players to claim the jackpot prize when they line at least 4 special characters on set paylines. That said, you will miss out on the top prize if you line the needed characters on a non-specified payline or when you land on the specified payline but miss out on the required symbols.

Unlocking The Bonus Games

We bet that you know about the bonus games available on progressive or classic slots. You can only unlock these bonus games on the base game. That said, you need to unlock the bonus games on most progressive slots to claim the jackpots they have on offer. Once you trigger the bonus game, you will be given a chance to claim the progressive slots jackpot.

However, you should note that you might be asked to play a different game to determine the size of your jackpot winning. These games might include spinning the wheel or matching three or four cards.

Relax. As you already know, slots are games of chance. Consequently, you don’t need strategies during the bonus games or the other games during the bonus round. So, spin the wheel or play card games without being tense. Who knows? You might win the entire progressive slot jackpot prize.

Letting The RNG (Random Number Generator) Do Its Magic

Online slot games use RNG technology to determine game results. RNG technology also ensures that game outcomes are selected randomly, which guarantees that players enjoy fair gameplay. For this reason, numerous progressive slots use RNG technology to determine when players trigger their jackpot prizes. So, don’t be surprised to find out that some jackpot prizes on progressive slots are going unclaimed for several weeks. Don’t lose hope in wagering on these games because the RNG technology might favor you and come through.

Placing Last-Minute Stakes On Must-Drop Progressive Slot Jackpots

Are you a proactive slots player or the type of player who enjoys placing last-minute bets? If you are the latter, must-drop progressive slots will allow you to enjoy lump-sum rewards for your last-minute stakes.

Must-drop progressive slots have prizes that must be claimed by a designated date. Such slots will always reward players with jackpot prizes, especially when the deadline is approaching. If you notice that a must-drop progressive slot bonus hasn’t been claimed and the deadline is fast approaching, it would be best to increase the number of times you stake on such a title as this will increase your chances of claiming the jackpot prize on offer.

The Different Types Of Progressive Slots Explained

Most online casinos have a dedicated slots section that has all the slot offers you can enjoy. You will, therefore, discover that the slots aren’t mixed up with other titles such as table games, lottery offerings, or sportsbook games. Some platforms further categorize their slots into classic or progressive slots to help you find your preferred slot game in the shortest time possible.

Of course, it is easy to know how much you can win on progressive slots before trying them out. Nearly all sites with these titles have a progressive slot jackpot meter that displays the available jackpot prize, making it easy to find the slot with the biggest life-changing prize. Below are the different types of progressive slots that you can enjoy.

Standalone Progressive Slots

A standalone progressive slot is a progressive slot title that you will find in a specific casino. These titles are unique or custom-made for a single gaming platform. As a result, you will not find standalone progressive slots on more than one platform, and they are also not part of a slot network.

Local Progressive Slots

First, you should note that local progressive slots are available in both brick-and-mortar and online gaming establishments. In brick-and-mortar gambling establishments, the jackpots on these slots are pooled from a network of slot machines spread across the casino floor.

In contrast, the local progressive slots on online gaming sites have jackpot prizes pooled from different games available on an i-gaming site.

Networked Progressive Slots

Built for players who want to walk away with life-changing jackpot prizes, networked progressive slots are titles that feature prizes that are pooled from slot offerings available in different online gaming platforms. You will, therefore, realize that these slot offers have the biggest jackpot prizes.


Progressive slots are slots with rewards and jackpots that are on steroids. These slots are becoming more popular in online casinos, especially among players who want to treat themselves to an entertaining and rewarding casino experience. It would be best to indulge in progressive slots if you fancy claiming millions in cash prizes from slots.