The play-to-earn model has become a major hit among crypto gamers, enabling people to earn money while playing in the form of tradable tokens. This takes games to a whole new level, and Axie Infinity is the most successful example. Players can cash out their earned tokens or simply trade them with other participants, bringing real-world value into computer game experiences like never before.

Axie Infinity stands apart from other virtual gaming universes with its unique combination of Pokemon-inspired cartoon animals called Axies and technology. Users can modify their cute, collectible pets in a multitude of ways, from competing to raising them up.

This game universe has found the perfect fusion between an entertaining online video game experience and innovative blockchain features. The game incentivizes players with asset ownership and bonuses those who excel in the competition, enabling them to achieve new skill levels.

Cryptocurrency Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity offers a unique experience. Their NFTs (Axies) provide owners with real money value and the opportunity to trade their creatures on the marketplace. Cryptographically secure tokens allow participants to invest without the fear of fraud or duplication – providing gamers around the world with unprecedented opportunities for monetization, trading and collecting.

Gamers have access to a wide array of over 500 in-game items that can be used for producing NFTs:

  • rare
  • singular
  • legendary

Playing Axie can be incredibly rewarding; not only do you progress through the game, but you also make NFTs that become more valuable as you pass levels. At its peak, the game had over 250 thousand players a day. Unfortunately, after experiencing a major fraud and consequently losing $625 million in 2021, the popularity of the platform dropped, and so did the value of its token – from an incredible price tag of $165.37 in November 2021 to just $7 in November 2022.

AXS token provides a range of features and benefits to users:

  • Axie Infinity token is applied to partake in the voting process for game-related decisions. With these tokens, holders can cast their ballots on various topics regarding the game’s progress, such as modifications to mechanics and bonuses or ideas concerning upcoming developments. This allows users to have a say in how they want their gaming experience shaped.
  • AXSs are a payment method working in the Axie Infinity ecosystem. Players may use them to buy and sell digital characters “Axies”.
  • Axie Infinity token helps to reap the rewards within the game’s ecosystem. By simply holding and staking AXS, players will not only earn additional ones but access to exclusive gameplay as well as early activation of new content.

You can purchase AXS token on the WhiteBIT crypto trading platform or use the Axie website to look for their tokens there.