As far back as ancient times, people have always enjoyed playing games of chance. Whether it’s rolling dice, spinning a roulette wheel, pulling the lever of a slot machine, or playing cards, there’s something uniquely thrilling about these kinds of games that helps to make them so popular, and online casinos are helping to make such experiences more accessible and enjoyable than ever before.

But how do you get started with online casinos, and which of the many sites should you be using? Well, this is a question that a lot of beginners ask, and there are so many different online casinos out there, it can feel like a challenge to pick the right one. This guide will highlight some of the big factors to focus on in your search for the best bitcoin casino games.

Payouts and Banking

Ultimately, the whole point of playing casino games is to try and win some money, potentially landing a big jackpot that could completely change your life. However, there are some sites out there that can offer lower-than-average payout rates and complex, restrictive banking options.

This is why you need to be very careful, using sites like to identify sites that offer the best payout rates, giving you the highest chances of winning big, as well as those that offer a wide and versatile range of banking options, without needless restrictions, to make payments more convenient.

Game Variety

One of the benefits of the best online casinos is that they can offer almost countless games to play. From vibrant, themed slot machines with incredible 3D graphics to the classic card and table games we all know and love like blackjack, roulette, poker, and craps, game variety is a big part of the online casino experience.

Again, there are some sites that do this a lot better than others. Some sites have literally thousands of games, with new titles added all the time, while others can be much more restrictive, giving you fewer options and a less exciting experience overall.

Site Design and Layout

Another big factor to think about when it comes to online casinos is the actual design and layout of the site itself. Some casinos are really well-designed, easy to navigate for beginners and attractive to look at as well. Other online casinos can be bland, boring, or just plain confusing to get around.

In general, it’s wise to focus on those sites that are well-made, as this is a good indicator of overall quality and reliability. It also makes it much easier for you to get around the site, make payments, withdraw winnings, and find the games you want to play.


You’ll also need to consider compatibility when looking for online casinos and make sure you find those that actually work on the devices you like to use. After all, a lot of people nowadays prefer to play casino games on their portable devices, like phones and tablets, while taking breaks from work or during free time at home.

Some online casinos won’t work as well on these kinds of devices and are only optimized for PCs and laptops. Others, however, are highly versatile, working on a wide range of platforms and browsers, and even coming with their own professionally made mobile apps too.


Don’t forget to take security and safety into account when looking for an online casino to play at too, as you’re going to be inputting a lot of your personal information when making your account, such as name, address, and credit card details for payments.

Most online casinos have licenses and up to date security certificates to protect their players, but there are some less scrupulous providers out there who aren’t able to offer the same guarantees. Read reviews and expert comparisons to find the safest online casinos.