Have you ever encountered an alligator in Florida?

Or did you ever heard the news about the alligators roaming on the lands of Florida?

I believe even if you did not have an encounter with an alligator, you must have heard the news about it!!!

Florida is a state which is continuously at risk of natural disasters like flood, hurricanes, storms, and alligators.

But one thing that needs to be mentioned, alligators never attack humans on purpose because the prey is quite large for them!!

Alligators won’t charge unless they fight a threat to their lives or their nest.

For instance, if you mistakenly go in front of the nest of an alligator where it has laid its eggs. Then there are high chances for you to get chased by an alligator.

Even the homeowners face a lot of problems regarding this!!!

Through this article, I’ll tell you why alligators are a hazard to many homeowners and the possible solutions for this.

What Alligators Love To Eat?

Alligators have a huge appetite and are not picky with their food. They tend to hunt, especially during the night or dusk. And have excellent “patience skills” as they wait for their prey to get near their territory.

Fish, frogs, small mammals, turtles, snakes, insects, and sometimes people’s pets are all available in their diet. But they rarely go on targeting humans because they are afraid and shy of the humans.

The alligators have strong jaws, which can easily smash the bones of any small mammals even can crush the shell of the turtles within no time.

They are also fascinated with deer. But as this is too large for them to swallow, so they wait underwater to launch an attack from there. After they have finished pining down the deer, they don’t directly jump on eating the flesh like lions or tigers. Instead, they wait for the animal’s hide to be rotten as it makes the meat soft to eat.

The reason they do this is alligators don’t have pointy-sharp teeth to tear down the flesh!!! So they have to wait for it to become soft.

The Way Alligators Move!!!!

The body structure of the alligators is built in this way that they are capable of living both on land and in water.

When they are in the water, they can swim by propelling their gigantic and muscular tail sideways, which helps them proceed. The webbed feet also playa vital role in “water-movement” as they allow them to play push their way through.

But it will be a misconception for you to think that they can’t move fast on land!!! Alligators are way too fast on the ground as well. So don’t judge them by their appearances!!!

They can gain a speed up to 7 to 9 mph, which makes them quite threatening both on land and water.

Problems The Homeowners In Florida Face.

If you are a homeowner in Florida, you surely know what a problem can be with alligators!!!

It really can be very frightening when you see an alligator roaming around in the neighborhood. And this is not where things stop. There are incidents where alligators even attacked people of Florida and also had eaten their pets.

Even there are incidents where alligators entered into the yards of homeowners and created complete chaos among neighborhoods.

There are many reasons why such incidents happen. And as we go down the article, we’ll be knowing the ways it can be prevented!!!


What Safety Measures Should Be Taken?

When problems arise, solutions are also present!!! All you have to do is apply those solutions.

The interactions between people and alligators have increased due to the escalating population in Florida. So the chances of encountering an alligator rise!!!

So how can you prevent that from happening?

  • Don’t just go and visit the alligators. They are very shy as animals, and even they don’t want humans around. So you need to pay a visit to WHERE THE ALLIGATORS ARE or take pictures of them.
  • Always look around your surroundings!!! Pay extra attention near waters, especially the fresh and salty ones. This is because that is where they mostly live!!!
  • Alligators are untamed!!! That means do NOT TRY TO BE FRIENDS. When you see an alligator, don’t act bravely and feed them because the moment you do that, the shyness or the fear among the alligators goes away.
  • If you want to swim in the soothing waters of Florida, always do it in the daylight because, at this time of the hour, alligators are very inactive.
  • Your pets are your family members!!! So always look after them because alligators love small mammals!!!

I hope this article will now help you to know the ins and outs of why alligators are a hazard and what precautions you can take!!! SO STAY SAFE.