In a world where technology and digitization are rapidly changing the way that we do business, adapting the models of scalable organization and project management is the only way that companies can survive this rush. With cutthroat competition and ever-changing innovation, every business now feels the need to adapt to the Scaled Agile Framework also known as SAFe. Because of this need, there is now a massive demand for professionals who are well versed with SAFe and are able to implement the principles of Agile in the company. Their services are highly valuable and sought after. In this environment, it is needless to say that learning about SAFe is a great entryway into a lucrative career.

What is Leading SAFe?

Leading SAFe or Scaled Agile Framework is actually a methodology or collection of principles that teams should follow when performing an Agile transformation in a large-scale Agile business. It guides the organization on the various roles and responsibilities of the workers, ways to manage the workflow, and business values that should be followed. With the growing size of businesses, it is important that they follow a structured approach to scaling Agile.

SAFe was created in 2011 by Dean Leffingwell and Drew Jemilo for the purpose of designing functional software systems that are able to adapt to the dynamic customer needs that is a business caters to. Before SAFe was released, only traditional product management methods were used even to deliver software-based products and services, which were simply not compatible with the digital nature. Since 2011, there have been a total of five updates to the SAFe framework to reflect the changing industry standards. The latest version, SAFe 5.0 talks about seven competencies every business must follow.

The core values of SAFe are:

  • Alignment: SAFe ensures that every level and member of the organization is on the same page. This means that every activity of the organization is aligned with its goal and vision.
  • Built-in Quality: SAFe believes that agility should never compromise quality and the best value should be delivered to the customer.
  • Transparency: By being transparent you create trust and an environment of accountability. This means proper reporting, clear lines of authority, and transparent rules and processes.
  • Program Execution: Learning how to execute programs efficiently and effectively is the core of SAFe’s principles.
  • Leadership: Lean-Agile-based leadership has the ability to transform the performance of the business by accurately implementing the Scaled Agile Framework.

Why is the popularity of Leading SAFe on the rise?

Leading SAFe has become a benchmark for the industry standards of businesses operating on the Lean-Agile Framework. In particular, over 33% of Lean-Agile enterprises utilize Scaled Agile Framework 5.0 as their preference. This makes it very clear that there is a huge demand for SAFe professionals who are well versed with the system.

Someone who has gone Leading SAFe Certification can prove their knowledge and expertise in the subject. It doesn’t only enrich them but opens up many other possibilities in the realm of delivering more value to their employers.

How to become a SAFe Professional?

The best way to become a professional is Scaled Agile Framework is to undergo a Leading SAFe Course from a reputed and qualified trainer that is affiliated with the Agile organization. The process is very simple and can be done by everyone. You just need to follow these simple steps:

  • Register yourself with a verified training partner of Scaled Agile Inc. with your relevant details.
  • Take the required two-day training course that is offered, by paying the registration fees.
  • You will be sent the information of the examination directed by the Scaled Agile Inc. when your course is completed. The exam is for 90 minutes and you will have to answer 45 multiple-choice questions. In order to pass you need to answer 35 out of the 45 questions correctly which is a score of 77%
  • Finally, after passing Scaled Agile will give you your certificate. You will also receive a one-year membership with Scaled Agile. The certificate needs to be renewed every year.

Course Details:

Doing a Leading SAFe Course will teach you many things. Firstly, you will receive an introduction to Scaled Agile Framework and its importance in the digital age, in the context of Business agility. You will also learn techniques of establishing a team and technical agility. There will be in-depth lessons on the subject of Program Increment Planning.

The second half of the course usually involves lectures on the establishment of a Continuous Delivery pipeline to ensure speedy delivery of services. You will learn about how DevOps can be instilled in your work culture and practice. Lastly, you will learn about the details of Portfolio Management and its dynamic implementation into any enterprise.

As for the prerequisites of doing this course, there are no requirements which makes it easier for employees from almost any background to take this course. However, it is advisable that in order to pass the examination and understand the coursework, you should at least have 5 years of relevant experience in the fields of software testing, development, analysis, and product management in business as well as an understanding of Scrums.

This kind, of course, is ideal for individuals such as Company Executives, Managers, Directors, Project Managers, Portfolio Managers, and Development and Quality Assurance Professionals.

Career Potential:

There is a great opportunity to make an excellent career path through gaining a Leading SAFe Certification. Those who had this certification can prove their proficiency in lean thinking and the SAFe Framework. They will have the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for implementing SAFe 5.0 in massive large-scale business organizations and not just small teams. Even from a career perspective, the average salary of SAFe Professional is roughly 100,000 dollars every year. Considering all of the above it is needless to say that Scaled Agile Framework is the right choice for anyone looking to tap into their skills with the Scaled Agile principles.