Best Cloud Storage Managers in 2022 – MultCloud


Why We Need Cloud Storage Managers?

Using cloud storage services like Google Drive and OneDrive is a great way to keep your data safe and accessible from anywhere anytime. Cloud drive also allows you to sync all the data across your multiple devices with a deep mind of the file location.

However, if you use multiple cloud accounts with different brands at the same time, managing all your cloud storage services can be a bit overwhelming. How do you categorize them all and find what you need quickly enough? From finding out one of your photos to achieving the perfect cloud backup solution, cloud storage managers are designed to help you work with cloud files and access multiple cloud accounts from one place in a more time-saving way.

One of the most important things you can do to ensure the success of your business is cloud storage services, with their unlimited online storage space and agility. In the cloud service industry, there are plenty of helpful and affordable cloud storage managers to choose from. The cloud storage management market is rapidly becoming saturated, and it’s hard to find out which software is running the best. If you’re looking for the best cloud storage service manager, then you’ve come to the right place. We will share some of the best cloud storage managers with their pros and cons with you as references.

Which Is the Best Cloud Storage Manager?

Here we will list the best 3 cloud storage managers for business and personal use that we believe could offer the best service for different business sizes, from organizations looking for the most efficient way to manage complex data to small businesses that just want to integrate cloud storage well.

1. MultCloud

MultCloud provides a great web interface designed to bring all cloud storage services together on one platform for easy access to all. It is a cross-platform, web-based solution with an iOS app coming soon. MultCloud integrates with leading cloud service providers such as pCloud, Amazon S3, Google Drive, Google Workspace, Dropbox, Dropbox Business, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, etc. It is very reasonably priced and has a free plan with 5 GB of free data traffic for cloud to cloud sync, transfer, backup, and team migration.

By using Cloud Transfer, Cloud Sync, or Cloud Backup to transfer between two cloud-based services, MultCloud makes transferring files very simple and easy. MultCloud completes the transfer between data with its high-speed threads, so the entire process does not have to be done online for you to wait aside. With MultCloud, you can schedule transfers whenever you need them. This means there is no need to manually initiate the process. You can initiate a migration after a certain period of time, update synchronization with other cloud services, or schedule the transfer process when the system is turned off.


  • 30+ leading clouds are supported to add all for free.
  • Auto sync, transfer, or backup data between clouds.
  • 10 one-way, two-way, or real-time sync modes.


  • No desktop application and Android app are provided yet.

2. CBackup

As a free multiple cloud storage manager similar to MultCloud, CBackup allows you to transfer files from one OneDrive account to another or migrate data between other clouds. You can easily manage multiple cloud storage accounts and get automatic backups of your PC according to your needs. It also supports the backup of different types of items such as documents, photos, videos, PDFs, etc. The restore feature of CBackup makes it easy to restore data from the cloud to a local device after the backup task is complete.


Backup PC to cloud services automatically.

Manage unlimited cloud drives with one login.


  • Only available on Windows computers.

3. cloudHQ

cloudHQ is also a multi-cloud management service that allows you to transfer or sync files from one cloud storage to another for backup (no scheduled sync available). cloudHQ can fully integrate all Google-related services. cloudHQ provides complete backup protection for all G Suite apps available in your organization. Even if your organization uses other services like Dropbox through Gmail accounts, cloudHQ can still sync and integrate them all with your G Suite account. This reduces the hassle of working with multiple cloud-based services.


  • 15 days of a free trial.
  • Total integration with G Suite services.


  • Lack of data security protection.
  • A little expensive.


With so many useful cloud storage managers available, we hope that you could choose the best cloud storage manager according to your needs after reading through the article. What’s more, you can read the pros and cons as well as look for software that offers a free trial like MultCloud before purchasing.