Download From Instagram & Reuse Content

If you use Instagram to promote your brand, you need new content all the time. In order to generate content, you can organize shootings, however, the publications from one shooting may be enough only for a month.

To keep your profile active, you need to post as often as possible. To appear more often in front of your social media customers, you don’t always need to film content, but it’s enough to find posts that your audience is likely to notice. Now Instagram videos have become extremely trending. For example, Reels resembling TikTok and get millions of views.

Therefore, to download IG video, you need to have the necessary tools on hand. In essence, these are services that are based on a website. That is, bookmark one of these websites – you can paste any link there to export content that is posted on IG. This way you can extract videos from any public account and reuse them on your account.

Why is content extracting an effective strategy?

  • It will take you less time to create content. Agree, to find one or two videos and download them, you need to spend less time than on filing a video, traveling to a beautiful location, or collaborating with bloggers.
  • Secondly, you can get a high engagement there with the downloaded video. Since the content on Instagram quickly appears and disappears, it often happens that not many users have time to notice even viral videos. You can expand the reach of valuable content by republishing it on your own. Learn how to boost your engagement with Reels.
  • Third, you help content creators get promoted. Since creators dream that the content becomes viral, you can help them and make reposts of visuals. To do this, you need to put tags and accompany publications with links to the original author. In this case, the account the audience will be redirected from your profile, which will positively affect their promotion and the evaluation of the account by the algorithm.

So, if you want to incorporate downloaded content into your content strategy, then for a quick video search, you should first bookmark several accounts. To do this, you need to roughly estimate which accounts may be potentially interesting to your audience. For example, if you maintain an account for a car repair or cleaning service, then save several accounts for car enthusiasts – for example, these can be accounts of racers, auto services, large car manufacturers, or any news related to auto topics. If you periodically download content from such accounts and publish it on your profile, you will get a rich organic increase. It is also important to provide hashtags in such posts to encourage a potential audience to find you faster through an internal search on a social network. Hashtags are cool SEO keywords for IG, read more about Digital Marketing and SEO importance.

How to download from Instagram in 3 minutes

Now many services for extracting content have been developed. These are mostly free sites where you don’t even need to register to get the required media file. To download, all you need to do is paste the link to the Instagram post. Therefore, follow this simple instruction and the necessary media file will quickly appear in your gallery or in your downloads folder:

  • First, go to the application or web version of Instagram. Open that video – it can be a feed clip, Reels, video stories or live broadcast.
  • Insert the link into the search bar and go to the downloader’s website. You can choose trusted services like Toolzu or Inflact. They contain many tools for downloading various content, including stories and an IGTV.

The advantage of utilizing these tools is the advanced functionality. For example, in such services as Inflact, you can export content not only with a one-time download but also with extracting a data archive.

For example, if you need to download all videos and photos from a profile, you can use the bulk Profile downloader. It will help you save all media files in a matter of seconds and they will be saved on your device. By default, IG lets users only export their own account media files.

By downloading several profiles in this way, you can combine content from different accounts and publish it periodically on your account. In fact, thematic accounts do this, and many bloggers who do not produce content and reuse visuals have proven themselves successfully. At the same time, they can bring additional value for repurposed visuals with in-depth captions or make money on advertising.

When you download videos through a professional downloader, you can be sure that the MP4 file will be saved in its original quality. It will be convenient for you to edit it, you can re-publish it on your account. While if people film a screen recording, the clip quality would be significantly lower than the original file.