Fintech UX Design Trends

As known, Fintech design differs from product design in other industries. However, having its peculiarities, Fintech design is still of high importance for businesses. The final design may either contribute to the prosperity of your product or destroy it completely. That’s why it is essential to make the UI/UX design of your Fintech products engaging. Since the Fintech market is changing, new UX design trends appear. Let’s consider below the most recent trends in Fintech design that may only improve your business.

The Best Fintech Design Trends

In recent years, pressure on reaching profitability has been raised. This led to the majority of businesses starting to search for methods of optimization of their current operations. This involves more solid attention to increasing the user experience of existing solutions and processes. Thus, what features we will have the possibility to see in the coming time? Let’s familiarize ourselves with Fintech design trends that it is recommended for businesses to concentrate on.


Personalization implies the adaptation of the experience to the necessities of an individual user. Be careful not to confuse customization with personalization. Customization allows users to select between parameters, for instance, choosing the placement, styles, and scales of widgets on their screen. At the same time, personalization is based on foresight of those necessities and automatically displays users a relevant experience. This keeps users greatly since they have a feeling that an application was designed exactly for them.

Artificial Intelligence

Almost everybody notices how fast AI is gaining popularity. What’s more, AI has become an important element of the Fintech industry as well. The major areas of AI employment involve gathering and managing data, studying personal spending habits, protecting and simplification of transactions, etc. The possibility to grant clients personalized experiences and ideally adapted products will shortly become a considerable competitive benefit in the Fintech market.


As a rule, finance is rarely associated with “fun”. On the contrary, it is commonly restless and requires intellectual effort. This is where Fintech gamification will be handy since it may decrease personal finance tension and promote healthy financial behavior.

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