How Can A Small Brand Build A Trusty Bond With Its Audience Using Instagram


Today, social media is almost the only channel for small businesses that seek to find their small, but at the same time loyal audience. For start–up brands, it is especially important to find their people and motivate them to choose their product – social media is like nothing else suitable for demonstrating lifestyle, people, situations in which a certain product can be ideally suited. If you are reading this article, most likely you are the owner of such a brand, and you are very interested in the question of how to find your audience on Instagram and make it stay with you for the entire duration of the account. There are options, and in this text we will talk about several of them.

First of all, you should go to your competitors’ pages and evaluate what they are doing there. You should not be interested in specific texts and photos (we generally do not advise you to copy and “get inspired” too often by what others are doing), but you should be interested in the audience – look at the list of subscribers, what kind of people are they? Evaluate whether they are active on Instagram, and if you have time, send them subscriptions requests. It is desirable that at this point in your profile there is already information about who you are and what you do. In this case, people who are already interested in similar content will be able to get an alternative from you (possibly, much better one).

Such analysis and interaction with someone else’s audience can give you a chance to get your first hundred or two subscribers, which will help you move on. But, unfortunately, today you will not get far on mutual subscriptions – not all people will want to see what kind of stranger subscribes to them, many will simply delete the request or delete a new follower (or not even notice you) and you will be left with nothing. In order to get the first thousand or more followers guaranteed, quickly and safely, there is only one method – it is a chance to buy Instagram followers for your profile. The psychology of people does not change – to make sure that they are viewing worthwhile content or buying a good product or service, they will first of all focus on the number of people who have evaluated this product or service before them. And on social platforms, this is indicated by nothing more than the number of subscribers or likes. That’s why you should buy them: this way, you insure yourself and your content and give a signal to people that you are worthy of their time and attention.

Anyway, the main component of success is not to buy real Instagram followers at all – it is to be able to keep in touch with your audience and keep them interested and intrigued by what you are doing in your profile all the time. Only regular posting and constant updating of stories, organization of sweepstakes (if you have such an opportunity), contests and interesting events will help you in this. It may seem that this is not necessary, and that if the product is good then people will buy it anyway, but unfortunately this is not the case at all. People will buy only if you convince them that they need to do it – today’s consumer society is very busy with this process, it is important for them that certain thoughts and emotions are attached to each purchase. That’s what you (or your social media manager) need to work on.

But if you are going to acquire followers for your profile, you need to remember that you only need real subs, otherwise you can greatly harm your profile with such a purchase. Instagram can easily send you to a shadow ban if it realizes that a bot attack is literally taking place on your page – but if your profile acquires a large number of real subscribers, nothing terrible will happen. Therefore, before you buy something, make sure that you are doing the right thing and read reviews from previous customers, read their opinions about the service or even chat with the managers of this site. Be smart and slow with what you’re doing, and we’re wishing you the best of luck with finding your people online!