Portugal Golden Visa Investment Options

A residency permit in another country is an excellent option to settle your life, as it gives you the opportunity to experience a new culture or develop your business. Often you have to face restrictions, because the conditions of the state are binding. However, there is an opportunity to forget about the problems and take a simplified path.

A great option to get rid of difficulties – participation in unique programs. Under the terms of the European countries, investors are obliged to contribute a certain amount of funds to the development of the economy. Portugal residence by investment looks quite attractive, and definitely deserves your attention.

Benefits of the offer to the country and residents

Opportunities to obtain residency and then citizenship are linked, so it is necessary to choose responsibly. Thanks to the variety of Portugal residence investment options it is possible to get what you want and invest in real estate.

The country’s requirements for investors are quite simple. The application is made after the deposit of 500 thousand euros in one of the state funds. But before that you have to get acquainted with the country’s bureaucracy and open an account in one of the banks. In the future, you will have to choose from several offers:

  • real estate investments;
  • investments in Portuguese funds;
  • an investment in science or technology;
  • making a home renovation in one of the areas of the city;
  • the creation of jobs in Portugal.

In order to choose the right option, it is worth studying the requirements for a foreign investor and the peculiarities of registration of residence permits. To this end, it is worth contacting the consulate of Portugal or using the advice of a specialist. According to the expert of the company Immigrant Invest Evgeniya Morozova, the latter option is more advantageous. Consultation will provide answers to all questions and take a well-balanced decision.

Residency status in Portugal: peculiarities of residence

Investing in the country allows you not only to get citizenship or residency status, but also to enjoy the benefits that are available to all residents. First of all we are talking about the opportunity to improve the standard of living, which includes quality education, medical care and much more.

For passport holders, there is no need to apply for a visa to visit Schengen countries, which makes it much easier to do business. Extension of status does not require permanent residence in Portugal, and it is enough to spend seven days a year.

Getting citizenship is also not a problem. To do this, it is enough to obtain residency and keep it for 5 years. Once the requirements are met, it will be possible to apply for a second citizenship. It is not necessary to renounce your first citizenship.

Common destinations for investments

Investors themselves choose their preferred option to invest, and the list cannot be called limited. So, for foreigners there are at once 6 ways to invest in the country. Each Portuguese offer has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is worth studying the features in advance.

Which way is popular

Requirements for investors influence the popularity of Portugal golden visa investment fund options, so foreigners often prefer to buy real estate. The amount of investment is kept within 500 thousand euros, and the interest is easy to explain. Under the terms of the program the resident is offered:

  • to buy a property for permanent residence;
  • to buy property to create a tourist business;
  • sign a lease agreement for a specified period.

The attractive side of the proposal is the popularity of Portugal among tourists. Travelers are willing to spend their savings to live in comfortable conditions. Thus invested funds can be returned in a short time.

2-in-1: Risk and Fast Payback

Foreigners invest in investment funds offered by the country. The amount invested varies depending on the decision made. The main advantage of Portugal golden visa investment funds is the fast return on investment, but the risk is not always justified.

Investors have to determine the appropriate fund in their opinion and put a large sum of money in the hands of an outsider. There is no need to monitor the work, since the responsibility falls on the shoulders of the project manager.

The disadvantage of this option is that there is no way to obtain money back. The deadline for receiving dividends or profits is specified in the contract. For this reason, it is worth carefully selecting an investment fund and monitoring its reputation.

Which option has a low cost

The desire to save money and get citizenship makes us look for other Portugal visa investment options. One of the attractive ways was the repair of buildings. The amount of investment is 350 thousand, so the popularity is gradually increasing. To make a profit, it is necessary to remember:

  • the choice of the builder affects the result and the timing of the work;
  • to find a suitable building in large cities is difficult enough;
  • paperwork and documents are carried out by the builder.

Low threshold of investment explains the popularity of the option. Often investors are not ready to commit themselves and are looking for a suitable developer. The choice to be made affects the final result, so it is worth evaluating the risks in advance and weigh the benefits of the chosen offer.