Remote Work As A Quality Manager – USS Express Review

A good position in a good company: review that proves is legit employer

Even though logistic companies have big warehouses all over the world, they might not be able to process all the orders through warehouses. That’s why many shipping businesses offer remote positions for their workers. They do all the duties remotely and get paid good money for packing stuff. People who are responsible for these functions are called quality control managers. It’s quite interesting that applying for this at-home packing position is not a complicated process.

Today, we will tell you about the peculiarities of becoming quality managers who work from home shipping packages for the Uss-Express company. You will learn about the responsibilities of the employee, the characteristics of the employer, and something more.

What are the positive sides of this job?

At the first sight, it seems that it’s impossible to work from home packing and shipping at a respectable international agency if you don’t have enough experience and qualifications in logistics. Uss-Express dispels this myth.

This employer has quite candidate-friendly requirements. We will mention them later. We consider that this is one of the major advantages of this position. On the other hand, you have to pay a lot of effort to stay at this job for a long time because the workload and the pressure might be quite significant, especially if you are a beginner in this industry.

We didn’t manage to find many disadvantages, except for the one mentioned above. Instead, in the testimonials of employees, we discover a lot of positive features of this remote position.

  • the employer does not delay payments;
  • you will have the possibility to get familiar with the job during the training session;
  • this is a great point to enter the logistic industry;
  • great working atmosphere;
  • you can satisfy your financial ambitions.

The main responsibilities of a quality manager

  • receive packages;
  • verify the quality of products;
  • repack goods if necessary;
  • put labels on parcels;
  • send parcels to the required addresses.

Feedback on the reputation of the company Uss Express

“I have been working in this company for over 1.5 years. Of course, I did not hope to get a job, as there was a tough selection, although work from home. But they took me in a week, as they have been considering the candidacy for a long time. Of course they taught me, showed all the nuances, down to the smallest detail. Then a week later I was registered, everything is as it should be. I get my salary on time, without delays. The bosses are good, they always treat with understanding and go to the meeting. There is no career, but the most important thing is stability.”

We found this review on Indeed, which is one of the most trusted platforms where employees write their testimonials about different jobs. As you see, the former candidate liked the way the employer treated him during the training session and after he got employed for this position. We consider that this tells a lot about the provider of this packing job at home from the perspective of the working climate.

To make this review less biased, we decided to take a look at several more websites for employee testimonials. Here is how workers rate the Uss-Express employer.

Website Average Score Number of reviews
Indeed 4.5 29
Trustpilot 4.5 56
Ambitionbox 4.1 18
Glassdoor 4.4 24

A few simple steps and you’re up and running!

Here are the requirements for quality manager vacancy candidates.

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have a personal computer or laptop
  • Have a cell phone with a camera
  • Have a physical address: house or apartment
  • Have an access to a printer

Do you think you can meet these requirements? We believe that the majority of graduates can meet them without significant difficulties. If you are interested in this job opportunity, try your luck and leave an application on the website of company. Currently, Uss-Express lacks new employees, so we do not doubt that your application will be considered and you will have a chance for a short job interview.