Top 9 Best Management Dissertation Topic Ideas


The dissertation is one of the most challenging parts of the master’s program, and it can be a lot of pressure to handle this task successfully. After all, this will be the main piece of your application if you decide to go for the Ph.D. degree. That’s why we’ve decided to provide you with some dissertation topic ideas that could help you in coming up with an interesting subject that will meet the requirements set by your university and will also represent your personality well. Here are the top 9 best management dissertation topic ideas from OmniPapers! Read and learn a lot of useful things for writing a quality dissertation.

1) Business ethics

A lot of people have at least thought about ethics and business, but it is a complex topic that warrants your attention if you want to dig in. You can look at ethics from a philosophical angle or a behavioral perspective; you can focus on what companies should do or what companies do. Whichever avenue you choose, make sure that your dissertation is supported by specific case studies. That way, you’ll be able to show that your research has real-world implications.

2) Entrepreneurship and Innovation

This is another popular area for dissertations. For example, you could write about how entrepreneurs can be more innovative or how innovation affects entrepreneurship. Another option would be to look at what makes some people more likely to become entrepreneurs than others. The options are endless, but it’s a good idea to pick something that you have some interest in and knowledge of so that your work will come across as authentic and not just academic research for its own sake.

3) Technology adoption

It is a widespread observation that firms tend to lag in technology adoption. Several reasons have been identified for these lags. However, very little work has been done on testing these explanations empirically. This paper develops a model explaining the adoption of new technologies. The underlying argument is that IT systems are complex and their benefits depend on situational factors such as managerial capabilities and market conditions. Furthermore, there can be barriers to the usage of IT systems which include direct costs and limited human resources.

4) Marketing strategy

Marketing is one of the four Ps of the marketing mix. In other words, a marketing strategy is a plan for developing products and services that people want to buy from your company. The marketing strategy includes an analysis of the company’s resources, customer needs, and competitors’ products or services to develop an effective long-term marketing plan. A good marketing strategy will increase the efficiency of the sales force and provide more opportunities for profit increases.

5) Culture of the workplace

Workplaces are more than just offices where employees go every day to do their job. Workplace culture is a social environment in which employees interact with each other, meet deadlines and goals, enjoy high job satisfaction and productivity, and experience fewer absences from work. Culture exists at all levels of an organization from cubicles to corner offices and it affects productivity at every level. As you begin your search for top dissertation topics, focus on how culture can influence your findings as you dig into what makes an effective workplace successful.

6) Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

When two or more companies combine, it’s called a merger and when one company acquires another, it’s called an acquisition. They can be hostile or friendly. The purpose of M&A is to strengthen a company by combining resources with another organization or by expanding into new markets. Management majors have many opportunities to work in M&A roles if they choose a post-MBA career path. Project managers and analysts also have these roles within their duties.

7) Organizational leadership

Dissertation research on organizational leadership demonstrates how leaders can be more effective and improve organizational performance. The focus is often on identifying factors that produce positive leadership outcomes, such as increased productivity, improved employee motivation and commitment, better performance of co-workers, job satisfaction for employees and managers alike, and high levels of customer satisfaction. With a firm understanding of what works in organizations, leaders can design work environments that promote these benefits across different contexts.

8) Organizational behavior

Research organizational behavior and its effect on business success. Take a look at some of your favorite companies, as well as case studies of different organizations that you admire or find interesting. What are their leadership styles like? How do they deal with employees? What does their HR department look like? How do their recruitment processes differ from those of other companies in their industry or field? These are all aspects of organizational behavior to explore in your research.

9) Risk management

When you think of risk, it is a danger or threat of loss. The higher your profits, the larger your risks. Good business strategy and proper risk management go hand in hand. In general, there are three aspects of risk: strategic, operational, and financial risk. Strategic risk refers to potential changes in market conditions that may affect an organization’s ability to compete effectively. Operational risk refers to unexpected changes that can occur within an organization that may result in harm to people, property, or reputation.


By far, most students complain about not finding a perfect topic for their management dissertation. There is no need to worry though, as all good things come with effort and hard work. These topics might be of great help for those who are struggling to find a good topic of interest for their academic paper in the management field. They are highly relevant and worth considering when looking into picking one from any of these options mentioned above.