The information circulating on the internet around erectile dysfunction is vast and also in most cases, inaccurate. To help demystify the confusion around certain fictitious claims, we’ve summarized five of the most common myths surrounding the condition.

Myth 1: ED is only encountered by old men

Probably the most common myth around. While ED and old age is linked, the condition does not solely impact those that are old. ED can also affect younger men. One of the reasons that ED is more prevalent in older men is due to the cumulative impact of lifestyle factors that can take a toll on overall health and metabolic vitality, one of which is blood flow to the genital region. Obesity, excessive smoking and drinking alcohol excessively are each closely linked to causing ED.

Myth 2: ED medication can only be treated in person with a GP

ED is often regarded as a somewhat discretionary condition, whereby, it can be difficult to discuss and seek face to face advice. While there isn’t anything to be embarrassed about given how prevalent it is, it’s understandable to want to be private about treating it.

While face to face advice can be obtained by speaking with a Urologist or your GP, reliable advice can also be sourced online. Pharmica is the most trusted online pharmacy in the UK, they specialize in providing expert advice and reliable erectile dysfunction treatments such as Sildenafil (Viagra). ED treatment can be ordered discreetly online following a fast and confidential completion of an online prescription.

Myth 3: Natural remedies are the most effective treatment method for ED

This is a big one. Natural remedies are not to be used ahead of clinically proven treatment. When it comes to ED, it may be tempting to trial a variety of treatments; natural treatments often present the illusion of a somewhat healthier type of treatment – this is false. Natural effects of natural remedies are often not validated in a lab or through clinical research; their side effects and efficacy may be unpredictable.

Clinically proven medication is regarded as the “first line” therapy option for erectile dysfunction. Natural remedies are not recommended due to unreliability when it comes to effectiveness and safety.

Myth 4: Difficulty getting an erection is all in your head

While psychological causes for ED are possible, it’s more likely that the underlying cause is physiological. Furthermore, the claim that a psychological cause is always the case is incorrect. Most of the time, the underlying issue is a physiological one which is often associated with impeded blood flow due to lifestyle factors.

If you have ruled out the physiological cause of ED, it may be worthwhile reaching out to a GP who may advise a psychotherapist to help with overcoming the underlying psychological cause of ED.

Myth 5: If ED medication doesn’t work the first time, it won’t ever work

This is incorrect. While some ED medications work better than others depending on the individual, you should always try a range of treatments to find which brand, strength and dosage option works best for you. ED medications that are clinically proven are all effective but there may be a degree of variation in results.

It’s important to consider the factors that may cause the effectiveness of ED medications to be affected or appear to be not working as expected. A factor that can affect efficacy is alcohol consumption as alcohol is a depressant which can dampen sexual stimulation and arousal level. An example of a misconstrued observation when it comes to ED treatment is the time to take effect, most ED meds require roughly 30 minutes, maybe even longer, before the drug is active in the body. Therefore, it’s important to follow the instructions carefully before anticipating results.