Do you want to write an essay, but you are not sure about how to start? Do not worry. Below are 5 essential tips on how to start a very interesting essay.

An essay is an art of putting imagination, reality, and ideas together into writing to form a piece of comprehensive information that expresses the author’s perspective. As good as whatever idea the author intends to use for an essay, starting with the right word, expression, or content is very important as this will either attract or repel the reader. Hence, the first few sentences must be compelling, attractive, and concise.

You ask yourself questions like, how do I start? What should I start with? How do I keep my readers glued to my content? The answers to these questions contribute immensely to how to start an essay intro. There are tested and verified tips that put the ignition key of the essay in your hands to start comfortably and get a soft landing. These tips include:

1. Start With a Good Mental Picture

Every essay wants to tell a story. Essays are meant to create a mental picture in the mind of the reader. Therefore, for you to start an essay, you must start with the right image of what you want to write. Paint a prominent picture of what you intend to write in your mind. Imagine yourself being the reader; what do you think would interest you in the content? Paint those images uniquely before you start your essay. This comes easily when you:

  •  Understand the title: that is, what do you understand about the title?
  •  Relate it to your personal experience or past encounters.
  •  Formulate an experience or a story around your content.

These are questions that help you create a good image for the essay.

2. Start With a Relevant Quote

Basically, you can start your essay with a quote related to the topic or such that provoke thought to ponder. This will make your work different from every other person that is probably writing the same points as you. To make your reader glued to your writings is to keep him or her glued right from the start.

How to start an essay with a quote will not be a concern if the right quote can be presented and discussed around the topic before your points are expressed. Starting with a quote from public figures that have mastery over your topic is a catchy way to motivate your readers to read further. Quotes can also be used intermittently, but this must be done skillfully. Hence your essay may end up being so dull.

3. Express Your Ideas Clearly

If you want the reader to be interested in your essay, then try to express your ideas clearly when writing. Try to use understandable language and avoid using too much terminology.

4. Learning to Use Your Paragraphs Joiner

The beauty of an essay is that it lingers from one paragraph to the other without a break in the story or message being passed. Hence, the need to learn to use your paragraph joiners. Words like first and foremost, furthermore, meanwhile, and the likes are essential for joining your paragraphs without breaking your chain of explanation.

5. Make Use of Essay Sites

There are several online services that can do my assignment cheap, especially essay writing, and help with a good start for the essay. You save time and energy thanks to the professionalism of these cheap online writing services that can do my statistics homework and other types of papers.

Now, you know five most helpful tips on how to start an essay and to make it really captivating for the reader. Develop your writing skills, and you will see that there is nothing impossible. Even if you couldn’t write a year ago, thanks to these tips, you will be able to create a superb paper.