What would you do if you were taking a walk and came across an unexpected discovery? What if that discovery happened to be a tiny abandoned animal? Well, that’s what happened to one couple when they were heading out to grab something at the store. They came across a tiny animal that was in severe need of help so they decided to do something unbelievable to help out…

20. Heading Out

Image: Hartford Courant

Jacqueline Panzo and her boyfriend were taking a walk to their local pharmacy to pick up some cold medicine. Things were going as expected when suddenly the couple came across a strange discovery. They were immediately intrigued…

19. Unexpected Discovery

Image: WalesOnline

As the couple continued their walk, they noticed that there was a black plastic bag sitting on the sidewalk. This immediately intrigued the couple so they walked closer to the bag to inspect. That’s when Panzo realized something unbelievable…

18. Sticking Out

Image: The Dodo

Panzo walked closer to the black plastic bag and quickly realized that there was a cage sticking out. She realized that it was an animal cage and as she peeked inside she noticed a small animal hiding away. It happened to be a small hamster…

17. A Hamster

Image: The Dodo

Inside of the cage was a small hamster that was all curled up and scared. Panzo couldn’t believe that someone would have just abandoned a sweet hamster like this. However, that’s exactly what the situation was.

16. Open Door

Image: YouTube

The most upsetting part was that the hamster cage had been left open by whoever had abandoned the little guy. Panzo knew that there was no way that this hamster could ever survive on its own. So she knew she had to intervene…

15. So Worried

Image: Animal Tails

The first thing that came to mind was, ‘There’s no way I can just leave him here,’” Panzo told The Dodo. “I felt so worried about him, and although I wasn’t sure he was going to survive, I knew I had to do whatever I could to make him comfortable and warm again.”

14. Nervous

Image: YouTube

At first, the little hamster seemed to be quite nervous around Panzo and her boyfriend. The couple decided to name the hamster, Hamtaro and they quickly brought him over to their house. However, they knew they needed some extra supplies.

13. Picking Up Supplies

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Panzo wanted to ensure that Hamtaro would be happy and secure in his new settings. So Panzo called up her sister and asked her to pick up some hamster supplies and to bring them over to their house. Panzo wanted to make sure Hamtaro would be happy for the time being.

12. Checking For Injuries

Image: The Dodo

As soon as the couple helped to get Hamtaro settled in they then decided to look him over for any injuries. After all, he had been left in that cage for a while and they had no idea why his owner had abandoned him in the first place. So did they find anything wrong with him?!

11. Looking Him Over

Image: The Dodo

Panzo continued to look Hamtaro over and noticed that the hamster had a large patch of  fur missing on his lower back. However, other than that Hamtaro seemed to be completely fine! Panzo was also happily surprised by how friendly Hamtaro seemed to be…

10. Friendly Guy

Image: The Dodo

Panzo was blown away by how friendly Hamtaro was, despite having been abandoned. He didn’t bite her at all and in fact, he seemed to just enjoy being around her and her boyfriend. It seems that Hamtaro had been looking for a friend for all this time.

9. Running Around

Image: SWNS

While they were in the bathroom, Panzo let Hamtaro run around the bathroom. He seemed to greatly enjoy being able to just have a bunch of space to run around. It was at that moment that Panzo and her boyfriend had to make a BIG decision…

8. Thinking It Through

Image: Woopets

While Hamtaro was running around throughout the bathroom, the couple had a decision to make. It was obvious that Hamtaro was in need of a loving home where he would be taken care of. However, could they be the ones to provide him with that?!

7. Making A Decision

Image: leadenergy.org

The couple was left with a pretty big decision to make. They looked at one another and then looked at Hamtaro who appeared to be incredibly happy. At that point it was obvious what they should do…

6. New Family Member

Image: Reddit

It was at that moment that Panzo and her boyfriend decided that Hamtaro would become a new member of the family! Everyone was super excited that Hamtaro would be joining the family. After all, it only made sense for them to take him in!

5. New Brother

Image: Pinterest

Panzo and her boyfriend already had another pet, their beautiful dog Hazel. Hazel, however, was absolutely overjoyed to have a new brother join the family. Both Hazel and Hamtaro love to play around together.

4. Playing Around

Image: The Dodo

Hamtaro adores his big sister Hazel and loves to play with her. Whenever Hamtaro is placed inside of his hamster ball, he loves to run all around and is Hazel is always following him to make sure he’s doing well. It is a very sweet friendship.

3. Loving Hamster

Image: YouTube

So far, Hamtaro has done nothing but bring joy to his new family. He has been living with them for a few months now and the couple is so happy they decided to take him in. Everyone’s life has been improved thanks to Hamtaro’s presence.

2. So Sweet

Image: www.hayesgardenworld.co.uk

He is so sweet, so curious and so relaxed,” Panzo said. “Every time he hears and sees me or the other people he trusts, he perks up and comes to the entrance of his cage because he wants to come out and play.”

1. Happy Family

Image: YouTube

It seems that Panzo and her boyfriend were the perfect couple to come across the abandoned Hamtaro. Although life started out unfair, Hamtaro is now a part of a loving family that absolutely adores him!