An eCommerce funnel is a route or path that the audience takes when purchasing an eCommerce product. This includes all the steps from becoming aware of your brand to placing an order. Instagram can be used as an effective part of this funnel. Creators try to gain engagement on Instagram to push sales on their eCommerce store. Studies have shown that people tend to buy products shown on Instagram. Creators try to get more Instagram followers to have a high conversion rate. In this article, we help you understand how to use Instagram in your e-commerce conversion funnel.

Audience research

Understanding your audience is very important when integrating Instagram into your conversion funnel. Just using an Instagram bot to increase likes, followers can’t give you real growth that you need for your account.¬† You have to have an idea of the preferences of your audience. Two people differ in preferences by a lot and needless to say that a set of audiences differs even more. Get an idea as to the type of audience you have. You will have to analyze data to find out the demographic of your audience. When you find out key factors like their gender, age, app timings, etc, you can form better strategies and fine-tune your content.

Your main aim is to create conversions and it will only happen when you have a suitable audience. After your research about your audience, implement the findings in your content. Make sure your posting times are synced with when the majority of your audience is online. You cannot appease everyone but try to meet the needs of the majority. Using the knowledge about your audience you will be able to gain engagement on Instagram. Your content will be published based on the preferences of the audience you target.

This will lead to them reacting better to it and helping you gain more members in that audience. The entire process of understanding your customers is an essential part of having a good conversion funnel strategy.

Instagram advertisements

Instagram advertisements are one of the smartest ways to get conversions. When you want an audience to visit your website or store and buy products from it, use Instagram advertisements. They have 5 formats in which you can make and publish your advertisements. The different formats allow you to be creative with your advertisements. When placing an Instagram advertisement you can select the purpose of the advertisement. You can choose the function you want to achieve from your advertisement on Instagram.

Selecting conversions will help you to direct traffic to your website and shop leading to successful conversions. You can set a budget for your advertisement and Instagram stays within that budget. They allow you to select the type of audience you want to reach.

This is one of the most important features. Applying the correct features will allow your advertisements to reach a detailed set of audiences who are more likely to be interested in your product. If you know your ideal audience this feature allows you to make the most of your advertisement. Instagram advertisements are effective and have a high conversion rate. This is because the audience can easily get access to your website. There are no additional steps. You can add links to your advertisements. With just a click the audience can go to your website and complete the purchase.

Instagram shop

You can integrate Shopify to create an Instagram shop. With this integration, your audience will be able to make purchases directly from Instagram. Some people do not like to have to visit an external site to make purchases. Using this method creates more ease of use. It makes it much more convenient to buy products directly. The more pleasant you make the shopping experience, the better you perform. Though it is available in the beta version, be sure to try it for your account.

User-generated content

User-generated content is a great way to get more Instagram followers. User-generated content has a whole set of advantages that are useful for eCommerce conversions. People tend to remain skeptical about a lot of the products they do not easily believe in the products that they look at. Using user-generated content helps you to dispel that fear. When promoting your content you should ask your audience to create posts with your product and tag you in it.

This will help you identify user content easily. Inform your audience that you will post their content if they tag you in their posts. When you start publishing user-generated content, your audience can see the product in real-life scenarios. They get assured that the products are not a scam because they see fellow users buy them. Using these posts helps you bring the quality of your products to the forefront.

User-generated content is a mutually beneficial post for you and your user. This is good for you as using this you can instill confidence in your products among your audience. While for your user, getting featured on your account leads to more engagement. You can even buy real ig followers for your insta profile.

Use Influencers

Influencers are the backbone of Instagram marketing. If you want to get maximum conversions, try taking the help of influencers. It is important to choose the correct influencers to work with. For attaining the best results, you will have to choose an influencer who has good engagement in your niche. They should not have any fake followers.

Using some tools you will easily ascertain whether they have good management nor not. Engagement should be given more preference to more Instagram followers. Influencers will get you more access to a larger audience. This is a crucial part of any conversion strategy. Without access to a large group of audience, you cannot have a successful strategy.


Using these methods you can use Instagram as a part of your conversion funnel. All of these tips help gain engagement on Instagram and provide high conversion rates. Another tip you should follow is to add a call to action to your account. This will serve as a reminder to your audience to click the link and check out your products.