TikTok became very popular back in 2020. The app has seen massive growth during the pandemic because people were bored at home and they wanted to have more fun. In this post, you’ll learn the latest trends (only in sports and ‘animals’ space) that can give you thousands of views on the TikTok easily.

Sport trends

Demonstration of physical abilities taking into account trends will quickly make you not only a famous athlete, but also a sweaty TikToker. Let’s analyze what trends are in the sports field.

1. Body transformation

Everything is simple here. If you have a flawless shape, hide it by puffing up your stomach and hunched over. After a couple of seconds, “deflate” back and show your muscles in all their glory.

2. Home workouts

Video the physical exercises you do at home every day. Edit the video with acceleration, add top-quality music or cool voice acting. Yes! The trend is ready.

3. Sports with animals

Pets often try to put the owner’s home workouts. Sometimes, funny stories come out of this that deserve everyone’s review.

4. That’s how I can

This trend is for those who really have some kind of unusual skills. For example, excessive flexibility, flawless basketball possession, or the ability to walk on your hands. The main condition for this trend is the use of the musical accompaniment “This is how I can”.

5. Sports stunts

The trend is similar to the previous one. It does not require the use of specific music, the emphasis is on physical ability.

6. Hands through the ass

Challenge, which appeared recently. His idea is that you need to close your hands in the castle and try to step over, sticking your hands through the ass. It is believed that only men can handle this task. However, slender women have proven otherwise.

7. Simulated sports

You don’t always have to be an athlete to support a trend. You can shoot a cool video that simulates sports.

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Animals related trends

Memes with cats are gaining tons of likes on all social networks. TikTok videos are no exception! Shoot funny videos with pets and you will be happy.

1. Seals and food

Cats often eat something unusual for animals. For example, ice cream, sweet yoghurts, chips, etc. If your pet loves to eat something like that, the audience at Tik Tok will definitely appreciate it.

2. Reactions of pets

Videos with a vivid manifestation of the character of animals also quickly go to the TOP. Funny inscriptions are often added here, drawing analogies with the human character. The effect is even more stunning.

3. Dressing up cats

This idea will be appreciated by those who like to buy outfits for their pets. The cooler the cat costume and accompanying music, the more likes you will get.