Want a quality, durable, stylish and original floor covering? Forget about parquet, because there is concrete! And we know exactly what makes it so good.

Concrete floors are becoming more and more popular in modern interiors, and few people still live in the power of stereotypes that concrete is rough, cold and uncomfortable. Yes, polished concrete is increasingly found in the photo of the best interiors, especially private houses, which from beginning to end are designed for the owner. But still, why concrete, and not the same wood? What is so special about it? Here’s what!

1. Durability

Suppose you have chosen the best parquet for your interior. Yes, it will last a long time and will look great, but still it is a tree. And it is afraid of damage and moisture. What you can’t say for sure about concrete is that you can at least drive a truck on such a floor. It is not by chance that this material was used in commercial and warehouse premises before. However, the beauty in that concrete was not much that can not be said about the modern, for residential interiors.

2. Modern design

Concrete floor coverings in apartments and houses are polished to perfection smoothness, but at the same time they are non-slip. And also due to modern technologies of the concrete contractor, the concrete in the interior may have any shade and texture. And yet, the most popular shade is the basic gray. Most likely, this is due to the fact that natural materials and colors are in fashion now, but nothing prevents you from going into experiments and pouring the floor with concrete of pink or green shade.

3. Convenience in operation

As we said before, concrete is not afraid of water, unless, of course, it is carefully processed and sealed. This means that you can use any cleaning agents and don’t have to worry that the mop is too wet and the water will pour into the cracks – there are simply no such things! However, once every few months it is better to wax the concrete so that it retains its luster and a perfectly smooth top layer.

4. Longevity

Even the best quality parquet board will most likely require replacement in 10-20 years – depending on the operating conditions. The real parquet will live a little longer, because it can be cycled, which, however, requires skill and serious efforts. Those who have made repairs at least once, know in what epic the replacement of the flooring becomes.

With concrete, you can forget about such a large-scale repair for many years. For a very long time. Perhaps to change the floor covering will have already your great-grandchildren.

5. Universality

But what if the concrete will simply bore you in ten years? Do not be afraid, the chipping hammer is not required! The new flooring can be laid directly on top of the concrete. But pay attention that this may require a plywood layer, and a few centimeters of room height will be “eaten” in any case. So this idea is good primarily for interiors with high ceilings.

6. Ecological compatibility

For those who want to create an oasis of health at home, the concrete floors will fit perfectly. Yes, even more wooden floors! After all, natural wood is covered with lacquer with an unpleasant chemical composition, and the parquet board and laminate by default can not be considered 100% natural. Concrete consists only of natural components and does not contain any hazardous admixtures.

And if you are seriously worried not only about your health, but also about nature, then use the lower layer of concrete, which can be cast in any apartment. The production of new concrete will lead to serious carbon dioxide emissions.