Movies are one of the most popular ways to tell a story – and they can be a nice escape from reality. But with millions of dollars set aside for budget, how are there so many obvious goofs in them? From costume catastrophes to background blunders, here are some movie mess-ups you might have missed, but now you’ll never un-see!

Dirty Dancing: Baby was Way Ahead of the Fashion Trends

irty Dancing Babys Shorts

We all know and love Dirty Dancing. It’s a movie staple – and many women would also consider denim shorts a wardrobe staple; however denim cut-offs weren’t a wardrobe must-have until the late 80s.

Legends of the Fall: Brad Pitt’s Locks are TOO Lovely

egends Of The Fall

Let’s be honest, it’s hard to make Brad Pitt bad looking; but in this cowboy story the hair and makeup department could have made him look a little more rugged. He looks less like John Wayne and more like Fabio in this flick.

Troy: Gave the Trojans a Modern Day Convenience


If you can get past Orlando Bloom’s good looks you might notice something behind that handsome face – a fancy umbrella. It doesn’t look out of place unless you know that umbrellas were not invented until long after the Battle of Troy. And now that you know, you will notice it every time too!

Pride and Prejudice: Did Elizabeth Bennet Invent Wellies?

ride And Prejudice

Everybody loves a good, sturdy pair of Wellington boots to wear on a rainy day – even Pride and Prejudice protagonist, Elizabeth Bennet. Unfortunately Wellington boots were not invented until the 19th century.

Raiders of the Lost Ark: I Spy with My Little Eye, a Pair of Levis?

aiders Of The Lost Ark

While the other background actors are dressed in the traditional Islamic garb that was all the rage in 1930s Egypt, there is one man who missed the memo. Look to the left of the bottle and check out the man sporting jeans like he’s in the Mall of America.

Captain America: The Rules Don’t Apply to Peggy

aptain America

The beautiful wavy hairdo Peggy is sporting in Captain America was the go-to ‘do for women in the WWII era. However, women serving in the army were required to have their hair pinned up all the way. It’s probably harder to fight while trying to keep your beautiful curls out of your eyes; but Peggy didn’t care. She was going to fight in style. You do you, girl!

The Ten Commandments: Thou Shalt Not Dress in Boring Clothes

he Ten Commandments

Queen Nefertiti’s wardrobe was certainly more subdued in real life, but in The Ten Commandments the wardrobe people thought she should rock this bright blue gown – and she certainly does! Too bad the dyes used back in Nefertiti’s era were definitely not this vibrant.

Gladiator: Making Spandex Happen… Before it Actually Did


If you pay close attention, you will notice that under his gladiator garb, Russell Crowe is wearing spandex shorts underneath. Although Lycra was not created until 1959, the gladiators were getting just as physical as Olivia Newton John – why shouldn’t they have possessed ultimate flexibility and style as well?

Baywatch: Barely Avoided a Wardrobe Malfunction

aywatch See Through Swimsuit

In the hit series Baywatch was pretty racy for the time. It almost got a whole lot racier when actress Gena Lee Nolin discovered her famous red one-piece became quite transparent after being in the water. Fortunately for her (but unfortunately for all of the young teen boys at the time), the mishap was noticed before the cameras were rolling.

The Mummy Returns: Modern Undergarments Are Better for Battle

he Mummy Returns Meemas Skirt Is Not Battle Friendly

There is a battle scene The Mummy Returns where Anck Su and Nefertiti are wearing clothes that were more Dancing with the Stars contestant than Ancient Egyptian Warrior. The actresses’ very modern undergarments can be seen as well. In another scene a servant’s gray Calvin Klein boxers can be seen. I had no idea Mr. Klein was that old – he looks great for his age!

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: How did they Nazi this mistake?

he Last Crusade

There are actually a few mistakes regarding medals and other Nazi uniforms and symbols in this movie. The most blatant is that the Nazis had so many medals on their uniforms. Medals were not used very often in the Nazi army until the end of the war. Since this movie is set in 1938, before the war had even really gotten started, the medals are inaccurate.

The King’s Speech: The Design that Kilt the Authenticity

he Kings Speech

Colin Firth’s acting was beyond impressive as King George in The King’s Speech. However, kilt experts were not impressed with the king’s kilt. Why not? Because not only is the pattern from the wrong era, but the tartan was not even Scottish – it was Irish. Yikes! That’s a big oversight.

Glory: Accidental Time Traveler


A Civil War soldier wearing a digital watch? I smell something fishy. This soldier must have traveled back from 1970 – because that is when the digital watch was created! (Or maybe somebody just didn’t realize the extra left his watch on.)

Captain America: An Upper Hand from the Future

apatin America

Perhaps Jim Mortia was a great soldier because he was using advanced alien technology from the future! Okay, not really. But the headset he is wearing was not created during the WWII era. In fact, it wasn’t created until 2000.

Public Enemies: Wrong Fabric – guilty as Charged, Your Honor

ublic Enemies

This one is a little nitpicky, but in this excellent film, Judge Murray is wearing a robe that is light and has modern day sheen to it. In reality, a judge’s robe in the 1930s would have been much more thick, and probably a little itchy. There are also many characters smoking filtered cigarettes in the film. These weren’t created until about three decades later.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves:

obin Hood

Morgan Freeman’s voice is so mesmerizing; most people who viewed this movie probably failed realize that the telescope wasn’t invented until 1608 in the Netherlands. Robin Hood was out stealing from the rich and giving to the poor two centuries earlier in the 1400s.

Almost Famous: Almost Got it Right

lmost Famous

This movie probably makes just about anybody feel nostalgic. It is an amazing portrayal of the life of a naïve, young music journalist in the seventies. There is one not so obvious oops, though. Any serious Black Sabbath fans would know that the shirt one of the cast members is wearing was created for a 1997 Black Sabbath tour. If you didn’t notice, you’re a total poser.

Pearl Harbor: No Stockings? Scandalous!

earl Harbor

That’s right – in the 1940s women did not show their bare legs. Pantyhose were basically mandatory, that is if you didn’t want the PTA talking behind your back.

Braveheart: How is There Another Wrong Kilt on Here?


Hollywood needs to hire some kiltologists STAT. In fact, Mel Gibson should not even be wearing a kilt at all! And not because he doesn’t have the hips for it – because Scots didn’t even start wearing kilts until three centuries later. Oops!

Django Unchained:


This movie is excellent. So excellent, that they sell sunglasses modeled after these that Django wore in the movie. But wait! Sunglasses weren’t invented until the 1900s, and this film is set in 1858-59. Eh, they still look cool – think I’ll buy a pair.

The Untouchables: Another Film that Took Fashion Too Far… Into the Future

he Untouchables

In this incredible movie based on Al Capone, there is phenomenal acting, a gripping storyline, and a VERY blatant fashion mistake! (Okay, I refuse to believe anybody other than established haberdashers noticed this). But the truth is, lapels were not invented until after the prohibition era. Not very gangster.

The Other Boleyn Girl: Missed it by a hair

he Other Boleyn Girl

The costumes in this movie were absolutely gorgeous. Everything appears to be era-appropriate except for one small detail. These super cool hoods Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman are wearing should be worn with a veil covering their hair. Totally ruined the whole film for me!

Saving Private Ryan: Put the Boot to Him

aving Private Ryan

Matt Damon sported black combat boots throughout the film. Seemed right to me, but as it turns out, airborne members didn’t wear black boots until a decade later. And that is totally why I cried during this whole movie.

Catch Me if You Can: Brace Yourself for Disappointment

atch Me If You Can

I’m kidding. This movie is great! BUT, I have bad news: braces did not exist in the 60s – the decade the film is set in. However, a young Amy Adams is seen wearing them a decade before they existed.

The Tudors: Racy Ruffs

he Tudors

Apparently in the 1500s, a woman wearing a ruff without an undershirt was no lady. Who knew that out of all of the risqué scenes in this show, it was the ruffs we were supposed to be offended by all along.

Good Night and Good Luck: Premature Nametags

ood Night And Good Luck

This classic movie made a HUGE mistake. It almost makes the film unwatchable! I’m kidding – however, I’m sure many history buffs noticed that the Air Force officers were wearing metal nametags. They might as well have been wearing those tacky “Hello My Name Is…” stickers people wore at every lame party in the 90s. It would’ve been just as out of place. Why? Because true patriots know that air force personnel did not wear nametags until 1967.

American Hustle: Back to the Future

merican Hustle

This excellent and brilliantly cast film was set in 1979, but Louis C.K.’s flashy Rolex wasn’t made until the 2000s. I’m sure FBI supervisors make good money, but are we really supposed to believe he made enough money to afford a Rolex…. From 2010??

Amadeus: The Curious Case of the Missing Buttons


If you searched the real Mozart’s wardrobe, you would find exactly zero zippers. Do you know how many you see in the movie about him? Dozens. Roll over Beethoven? More like, roll over Mozart – in your grave; because filmmakers are covering your pantaloons with zippers in an otherwise fantastic biopic about you.

The Color Purple: The Scene that Should have Been Clipped

he Color Purple

You know the scene where Danny Glover is wearing a clip-on tie? Totally unrealistic. Clip-on ties weren’t invented until 1926, not 1916. Nice try, person who dressed Danny Glover.

Gangs of New York: Too New

angs Of New York

This movie was absolutely amazing. This one is pretty nitpicky, but… look in the background. The firefighters are dressed more like modern day EMTs and firefighters than firemen from mid-1800s.

Back to the Future: This One is Confusing

ack To The Future

So the guitar you see Marty McFly playing here in a scene from the year 1955 is a Gibson that was not created until 1958. But to be fair, the movie is about time travel, and let’s be honest, that movie got way weirder than a wrong era Gibson.

Schindler’s List: I’m Not Going to Make a Silly Pun Here

chindlers List

This eye-opening, gut-wrenching masterpiece was perfect. This is something I would think most people would never notice (there is some other pretty heavy stuff going on aside from this minute mess-up), but – the women in the concentration camps all had shaven legs and underarms. I doubt any women were shaving their legs while they were prisoners in concentration camps.

Julius Caesar: Et Tu, Brute?

ulius Caesar The Bullet Bras Were Not Invented Yet

Apparently the wardrobe people messed up the women’s wardrobes in this movie too. The women, who were supposed to be living in 44 BC, were wearing “bullet bras” – the one’s made popular by pinup girls in the 1950s. A fashion calculation only off by 2,000 years, so we’ll let it slide.

My Girl: Mood Ring Mishap

y Girl

Somebody sure was chopping onions during this movie. In the depressing (but great) film Vada is wearing a mood ring (Spoiler: Her mood was Sad, VERY SAD). Too bad these funky rings weren’t invented until 1975; whereas the film is set in 1972. This one is certainly on the writers and wardrobe staff. Had Vada been a time traveler, she certainly could’ve prevented that ending.

Sense and Sensibility: Sponsored by Huggies

ense And Sensibility

Sense and Sensibility was way ahead of its time. Disposable diapers in 1811? I think they were still made from burlap in 1811.

Singing in the Rain: Kathy Should’ve Said “No” to the Dress

ingin’ In The Rain

Okay, not really. The dress is beautiful and iconic. But if we are going to be pedantic, Kathy’s pink dress would have been the talk of the town in the 1950s, when this shade was very popular. However, in the 1920s, it would have been out of place.

The Doors: They Got One Ray Right

he Doors

Iconic keyboardist for The Doors, Ray Manzarek was alive and rocking when The Doors formed in 1965. However the Raybans Morrison was sporting throughout the movie had yet to be born.

The Wedding Singer: This Wasn’t set in the 90s?


Because Drew Barrymore’s adorably 90s haircut led me to believe it was, until right now. The movie takes place in the 80s, but this hairdo is as 90s as it gets.

Picnic at Hanging Rock: Another Hair DON’T

icnic At Hanging Rock

Actually the long, wavy hair, parted in the middle locks were very much a do in the 70s (and again today!), but this film was set in the early 1900s. Women weren’t quite as free-spirited back then. Their hair would’ve been pulled back with tight tendrils.

The Informant: Nobody Informed Wardrobe that the Shoes were Wrong Again

he Informant

These golfers in the film were wearing Nike golf spikes from 1996. Too bad the movie was set between 1992-1994. So close!

The Last Samurai: The Armor was Ancient

he Last Samuri

This movie (with quite an odd plot) was based in the era it was released, 2003. But for some reason wardrobe decided to dress Tom Cruise up in 250-year-old armor. Were it historically accurate, Cruise would have been wearing an Ed Hardy shirt, a Von Dutch trucker hat, and some cargo shorts with fifteen pockets.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button: Again with the Raybans

he Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

The Raybans Brad Pitt was seen wearing in a scene set in 1945 weren’t made until 1952. But the timeline in this movie is even more confusing than Back to the Future, so I’m not going to pass judgment on this oversight.

Pirate’s of the Caribbean – The Curse of the Black Pearl: Time Traveling Redcoats

irates Of The Caribbean The Curse Of The Black Pearl

The Redcoats in this movie were extremely fashion-forward. They were so fashion-forward that the Redcoats didn’t actually exist until almost three decades after the film was set.

Seabiscuit: What the Helmet?


This movie had a small wardrobe error also (don’t they all?). Didn’t catch it? That’s because it’s pretty small (like the jockeys)… the helmets the jockeys wore in the movie had chinstraps that weren’t really added to helmets until 1956 – and Seabiscuit was Elmer’s by then. (Rest in Peace.)

Pretty Woman: Change of Lace

retty Woman

At the beginning of the famous first kiss between the talented Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, Robert’s nightgown is long. At the end of the scene it is much shorter. Richard, you dog!

The Notebook: Chameleon Hair

he Notebook

In the Nicholas Sparks hit The Notebook, jilted fiancé Lon’s hair kept going back and forth from black to brown throughout the film. And they say it’s women who dye their hair after a bad breakup.

There Will Be Blood: But Not Shoe Research

here Will Be Blood

Daniel Day-Lewis’s waffle-souled boots in this epic film were perfect for the mines. Unfortunately, Nike didn’t invent waffle souls until the 1970s. This film is set in 1892.

Pompeii: Kiefer Sutherland’s Purple Robe Would’ve been as Deadly as that Pesky Volcano


Kiefer Sutherland’s character is donning a purple cape in this film. But as it turns out, Emperor Nero had a really weird thing about anybody except him wearing the color purple. And by weird, I mean Nero had people killed for wearing his signature look. And I always heard that imitation was the highest form of flattery.

Ben Hur: A Star is Born… Too Soon

en Hur

When Ben Hur receives the Star of David pin, it is a beautiful symbol to see. Too bad that star was not associated with the Jewish faith until the 12th century.

Unforgiven: This One is Seriously Unforgivable


BELT LOOPS? Belt loops weren’t “a thing” until the 1920s, but this amazing movie was set in 1880. The belt loops totally ruin it. Takes you right out of the moment, huh?

Quadrophenia: Talk About a Hipster


You think you’re hip? There is a kid in this movie who had heard of Motorhead eleven years before they even became a band. Yes, a cast member is seen sporting a Motorhead shirt in 1964. Seems like an easy “oops” to avoid.

The Great Escape: (And the G2reat Wardrobe!)

he Great Escape

I know it’s hard to make a man like Steve McQueen not look handsome, but he is dressed more like a Land’s End model from the 90s and less like a WWII army captain in this flick.

Pretty Woman: They Messed This One Up Again?

retty Woman Tie

In a scene where Roberts and Gere are watching I Love Lucy together, Vivian (Roberts) undoes Edward’s tie. However after they finish watching the show, his tie is tied back up. Maybe he is self-conscious about his neck.

Where Eagles Dare: Flippy Hair

here Eagles Dare

This movie is set in the WWII era, but that hair is set under a weird helmet hairdryer in 1968. Ingrid Pitt’s hairdo is a little more “Summer of Love” than “Years of Deadly Wartime.”

Pirates of the Caribbean: Yee Haw?

irates Of The Caribbean Cowboy

Something seems weird about this picture. Oh wait! It appears that Captain Jack Sparrow has kidnapped a man from a Jimmy Buffet concert in the Keys. Once you see the cowboy hat you can’t un-see it. Just look at Depp’s expression.

The Aviator: Another Hipster

he Aviator

This one isn’t obvious at all, but Robert Gross’ frameless glasses were not in style at all in the 1920s. These look like the glasses all of the dads were sporting in 2005. Oh well, Hindsight is 20/20.

Alien: Disappearing Act


Is Kane’s disappearing hood just an accidental continuity error, or perhaps something far more sinister. Maybe a facehugger got inside of the hood. (It’s probably just an oops though.)

The Empire Strikes Back: Magic Jacket?

mpire Strikes Back

What a nice power to have – a coat to magically appear anytime you need one. How’d he do that?

The Wizard of Oz: Slipper Slip-up

he Wizard Of Oz

Ruby red slippers? These look black! Is this one of those blue/black or white/gold dress things? What color do you see? Team black for life!

The Avengers: Magic Suit

he Avengers

Wait a minute… a suit that fixes itself? THAT is something that we aren’t supposed to suspend our disbelief about? Because everything else in that movie is extremely realistic.

Full Metal Jacket: Vanishing Bandage

ull Metal Jacket

This man is shooting a gun with his wrist clearly wrapped in a bandage. Seconds later, the bandage has magically vanished. This one is truly mind-boggling.

Harry Potter: And the Shape-shifting Trunk

arry Potter

Yet again, the trunk changed… a little. These kids were wizards, right? Maybe they just casted a spell to upgrade it. Makes sense!