When one woman’s kitten came back home with an unexpected gift, the woman was completely taken aback. It seems that her kitten came across an unusual discovery and decided to bring it back home with her. So what was this amazing discovery? Well, it seems that the kitten came across a lonely baby opossum that was in need of love and care. You won’t believe how attached the little opossum is to its new mother!

20. Getting Ready

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One morning, as Yessica Rodriguez was getting ready to head out to work, her husband stopped her. He had some very unexpected news about their cat. Yessica was blown away when she found out that her cat had brought home a new friend…

19. Adopted

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Yessica Rodriguez lives in the city of Altamira in Mexico and that is where she came across her beautiful cat, Blanquis. Rodriguez had adopted Blanquis when she discovers the kitten all alone and abandoned. She knew she couldn’t leave the poor kitten alone with no way to fend for herself.

18. Baby Kitten

Image: Leon County Humane Society

When Yessica first came across the small kitten, she was so tiny that she hadn’t even opened her eyes yet. Yessica knew that there would be no way that this small kitten could survive on her own. So she quickly scooped her up and took her home.

17. 4 Weeks

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During a kitten’s first few weeks of life, it is imperative that they be with their mother. In fact, the first four weeks of a kitten’s life should be spent being nurtured by their mom. Without this nurturing, their chances of surviving are quite slim.

16. Quite Young

Since kittens typically open their eyes after 10 days, it was quite obvious to Yessica that this tiny kitten was incredibly young. Without someone around to care for her, this poor kitten wouldn’t last much longer. So Yessica did what any caring human would do!

15. Going Home

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So Yessica brought Blanquis home with her and began to take care of and nurture the cat. Blanquis began to grow more and more as the months went by and she seemed to start picking up some of her owner’s traits. It seems that that Blanquis was also big-hearted by nature.

14. Unusual Scene

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So one morning, as Yessica was getting ready, she was surprised to hear her husband shouting for her. It seems that her husband had stumbled upon an unusual scene and it all stemmed from Blanquis. Her husband needed her to see what he saw immediately!

13. Recollections

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He said, ‘You have to come down here,’” Rodriguez told The Dodo, when recalling that day. However, it seems that the scene was too unusual for Yessica’s husband to keep quiet. After shouting for her, he immediately said, “Your kitten has an animal on her back!

12. Surprised

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Yessica was immediately shocked and surprised to hear what her husband said. So she quickly ran into the next room to see what all the commotion was about. As soon as she stepped foot into the room she realized that her husband had not been over exaggerating and there was an animal on her cat’s back.

11. New Pal

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It seems that Blanquis had picked up a new pal while out on her outdoor travels. The friend happened to be a tiny baby marsupial, a baby opossum to be exact. Yessica couldn’t believe her eyes as she saw the animal clinging onto the cat’s back.

10. Opossums

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Opossums can be found all throughout the Americas. Just like cats, the babies also rely very much on their mothers during their first weeks of life. Opossums actually feed inside of their mothers pouches for the first 70 days.

9. Needing Help

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Although Yessica couldn’t tell how old the opossum was, she could tell that it was very young. Since it was so young, it was obvious that it still needed its mother love to survive. It seems that Blanquis decided to step in as a surrogate mother for this sweet baby!

8. Following Suit

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It seems that Blanquis wanted to return the favor of being rescued when she came across the tiny opossum. This cat wanted to help rescue the life of the opossum and Yessica knew that she couldn’t leave the baby to fend for itself.

7. Interesting Observation

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It was also quite interesting to Yessica how Blanquis decided to carry the opossum over to their home. “I know that this is how their mother transports them,” Rodriguez told The Dodo. “Blanquis brought him to me.”

6. Reaching Out

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Yessica happily accepted the baby opossum and quickly reached out to some wildlife experts. She needed some advice on how to take care of a baby opossum until the proper care could come in for him. However, Blanquis immediately assumed the role of mother.

5. Surrogate Mother

Image: The Dodo

It seems that Blanquis had absolutely no problem with stepping in as a surrogate mother to the sweet opossum. Although she couldn’t actually feed the baby, Blanquis made sure to snuggle up with him and give him tons of love and affection.

4. Emotional Connection

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It was obvious to Yessica that Blanquis was sharing a truly emotional connection with the baby opossum. “She licks at him as if it’s nothing,” Rodriguez said. “It’s very emotional seeing her loving other animals.”

3. Temporary

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Although their relationship will soon come to an end, it is amazing that Blanquis was able to save the life of this baby opossum. Seeing them connect has touched Yessica’s heart and she knew that she had raised quite a sweet and loving cat.

2. Sweet Cat

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Yessica feels so blessed to have such a sweet cat in her family. “It feels to me like a token of appreciation. It is very tender,” Rodriguez said. “We love Blanquis very much. She is very special.”

1. Amazing Gesture

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It seems that Blanquis really wanted to give back to the world after being rescued by Yessica when she was just a baby kitten. Helping the poor abandoned baby opossum was the perfect opportunity to do so!