What is ITIL Certification?

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a framework of IT service management (ITSM) that emphasizes aligning the selection, planning, delivery, and maintenance of IT services to meet the requirement in business. The primary purpose of ITIL is to improve efficiency by measuring processes and development in an organization or business to achieve possible goals and results.

How Useful is ITIL for IT Professionals?

ITIL Foundation is one of the world’s most recognized IT service management certifications. It increases the credibility of IT service professionals in the IT industry and also qualifies them to clear the next levels of ITIL certifications. Hence, we see young professionals are increasingly putting a lot of effort to obtain an ITIL certification, preferably through an ITIL Foundation Certification.

The certification course has 5 levels –

  1. Foundation
  2. Practitioner
  3. Intermediate (Service Lifecycle and Service Capability categories)
  4. Expert
  5. Master

ITIL Foundation Certification

The Foundation level is the entry-level certification and covers the basics of the certification. This level is for developing the general awareness about the terminologies, concepts, key elements, processes, and functions used in the ITIL service lifecycle, different stages, and management. Here we will try to understand how to prepare to clear the ITIL Foundation certification exam.

Qualification Required

There is no prerequisite for the foundation certification examination. Anyone with an interest in the subject can appear for the exam. This the first step towards learning ITIL and become ITIL certified.

How to Prepare for the Exams

Taking an ITIL Foundation course, appearing for the exam, and clearing the certification can open a long list of opportunities in upgrading your career prospects. The exam contains 40 multiple-choice type questions. All the 40 questions have to be answered in 60 minutes with a minimum passing grade of 65%. To clear the exam, applicants have to give correct answers to a minimum of 26 questions.

Here are top tips on how to prepare for the course and clear your exam:

  1. Know About the Topics Before You Start

It is always suggested that you have a brief idea about the course before you begin. There will be loads of new terms and different areas of interest. Hence it will be good for you if you dig deep into the subject to find out what will be right for you.

  1. Research Online

There is a sea of information already available online. You only have to take some extra effort in doing online research to get familiar with the subject before you decide to prepare for the exams. There are several online courses along with guidelines to help you prepare for the course in a systematic order.

  1. Take a Foundation Class

You can decide on how you wish to prepare for the exam, whether you would like to enroll for foundation class or take a distance learning option or do self-study using online references. But, taking a class or an ITIL certification training course would be a more practical decision, though it is not necessary if you are confident in preparing all by yourself. However, classes will allow you to take the guidance from instructors who have seen the exam a thousand times and are aware of the entire process. Discussions with them and the other students can help you get a complete insight and clear your doubts about the ITIL concept implementation. Which will be beneficial for your preparations.

  1. Ask Questions

When you enroll yourself for a foundation class, then make sure that you ask questions during the course to clear your doubts and understand the concept properly. Do not shy away from asking questions if you have doubts. Understanding the concept of anything is very important to build a strong foundation that can encourage future growth. Also, how much you have understood the concept is what the examiners try to understand through the exams.

Everything in ITIL is interconnected. Hence your instructors need to clear your doubts whatsoever during the foundation level, as everything may not be covered in detail later as you move ahead.

  1. Make Notes of What You Study

Making notes after the classes is a good practice. It can help you in getting a complete hold of the subject and topic. Make notes can help you more in the areas where you face difficulty.

  1. Apply Real-World Knowledge

Ask your instructor how your work experience can be related to ITIL. If you understand how your instructor is using real examples, you will be able to create your models. If you try to apply real-world examples, then your concept will be much more evident to you.

  1. Try Sample Papers

Try writing sample papers during the preparations. This will build confidence in you and also help you in improving in the areas where you lack. You will find several sample papers online. Download and write them as a part of the preparation process.

  1. Take Note of Everything You Need

Give yourself enough time to prepare. Take note of things like pencil, candidate number, and other essentials. Do check that you have filled all the necessary details on the exam sheet before you start.

  1. Do not Panic

Stay calm all through the exam. Take your time. But be careful that you do not spend too much time on any one question. Do not overthink if you have doubts or get upset, seeing tough questions early on as you start.

  1. Read the Questions Properly

You should read all the questions in the paper before you start writing. Then start from the questions about which you are confident. If you are not sure of an answer to certain questions, write them later. Do read the instructions before you start writing.

  1. Go Through the Answers at the End

If you have time left, then go through all the answers at the end. This will help you in finding the missed questions (if any). Also, check if you have written answers against the wrong questions. Avoid changing answers on gut feelings. Change answers only if you are sure that you have written wrong answers.

Wrap Up

An IT professional who clears the ITIL foundation level will have to complete the Practitioner and Intermediate levels to be eligible for service management positions. You can obtain both the certifications any time after clearing the Foundation level.

The above guidelines will help you make the right decision towards achieving your ITIL certification goals.