When all the doors were locked during the pandemic, what kept people connected? Something that got everyone hooked and was a way to share their agony. Yes, you are right, renowned social media platform Twitter. We know that you are obsessed with trying to make your tweets and hashtags trend on Twitter. So we have listed the seven best ways to go viral on Twitter.

Twitter has become the largest platform for people to express themselves. It is changing how information spreads. And these changes had led to the evolution of marketing strategies. Twitter is a way to raise awareness and drive traffic to the cause that you are promoting. Listed below are steps on how to go viral on Twitter.

Know the tweet rulebook

If you desire to go viral on Twitter, you need to know what is prohibited. Twitter has specified some to-do’s and not to-do’s.

  • You can’t tweet a different thing in a hashtag that is not at all related. Like you can’t tweet about cricket in a football hashtag.
  • You have to come up with a different idea each time you tweet with the same hashtags. If you tweet the same thing again and again with the same hashtag, you can get suspended.
  • You can’t promote your link on someone else’s hashtags.

Be right on time

Another way to go viral on Twitter is to tweet when everyone else is active. Time at which you tweet plays a big part in your tweet getting viral. Just imagine you wrote an awe-inspiring tweet, but it went unnoticed. Why? Because there was no one around who can like or retweet your tweet.

You can find the best time to tweet by going through Twitter analytics. You have to garner the attention of most active users to make your hashtags to go viral on Twitter. So, it is vital to tweet when these users are active on Twitter.

Most users are active during noon and 1 pm as per Twitter Analytics.

Tweet and Retweet

After you have put forth what you wanted to in your tweet, you need to ask for retweets. A retweet is the most basic way to go viral on Twitter. You should tell people to retweet to let them know what you wish, no need to be shy.

According to researchers conducted, words “please retweet” are evident in most retweeted tweets. So, including these words in your updates is how to make your tweet viral on Twitter with no followers.

Suppose you post a tweet with the words “please retweet” on Twitter. The person who retweets your tweet, in turn, encourages his or her followers to retweet. So for every retweet, you get a fixed retweet from the follower.

Write to attract

No one nowadays reads boring context. You need to write stuff that is engaging and can grab eyeballs. Writing engaging stuff is a way to go viral on Twitter.

It is the best thing to utilize the title of your article as the headline of your tweet. Why? Because you have spent time framing that heading, it is ready to use after a few replacements.

Hashtags are the way to go-

If you have been on social media for a while now, then you already know. Hashtags widen the reach of your tweet. They help group posts that have similar backgrounds and contexts.

You can find the trending hashtags in the trending sections. This section is customizable depending on your location.

One thing that you need to make

sure of before adding a hashtag is that it matches your context. Suppose you are tweeting about LGBTQ Parade then you can use the hashtag #pridemovement or #pride. But keep in mind not to include too many hashtags.

Make your tweets light-

Too serious tweets are less likely to make it to trends. Adding humor to your tweet is one way to go viral on Twitter. If you add humor to your tweet, you can earn thousands of likes and buy twitter followers to your account.

Personalize your tweets

The best way to go viral on Twitter is to tell your story. People will connect with you better if you make your posts more personal.

Personalize our tweets, and it will help you garner likes, followers, and retweets.

These seven ways to go viral on Twitter will help you make most of your tweets. So, what are you waiting for now? Let’s start tweeting!!!