When it comes to roof projects in Utah County, you want the best people for the job.

For most people, they choose a roofer based on the cheapest option. However, you get what you pay for in most cases. You’ll likely get a bad roof replacement if you choose a roofer who offers a low price, especially if they cannot provide you with a list of satisfied customers.


Therefore, instead of relying solely on price, use these questions to help you decide which Utah County roofing contractor is right for you.

What is the Difference Between Independent Contractors and Roofing Companies?


When it comes to hiring roofers in Utah County, you have two options to choose from: independent contractors or roofing companies. Although both will do the job, one may be more suited to your project than the other.

Independent roofing contractors are best for jobs that can be completed quickly—for example, a simple roof repair. You’ll have a single point of contact if you hire a single roofing contractor. It can be an advantage since there are fewer people to deal with; however, it may also be a downside, as the job could take longer than anticipated. 

On the other hand, a roofing company can take on bigger projects—such as replacing a roof. A roofing company may offer better deals, faster turnaround times, and warranties. Additionally, when working with a large company, you might find that different people are involved at different project stages.


How Long Have They Been in Business?


It’s important to choose a roofer in Utah County that has experience.

There have been cases of amateur roofing contractors who are notorious for disappearing to avoid paying damage, only to return months later with a different name. Avoid falling victim to these deceptive contractors by choosing a company with decades of experience and an excellent reputation.

What About Licensing?


The roofing business can be dangerous, and it’s not recommended that homeowners try to fix roofs themselves. The right materials, tools, and safety equipment are essential. Experience is also very important. 

Reputable roofers will have the necessary permits and licenses to perform each job. Additionally, high-quality residential roofers will have all the insurance required for their workers. This will cover them if someone gets hurt while installing your roof. You should never hire a contractor who cannot provide evidence of insurance.

Do I Have To Document Anything?


Every job in Utah County, no matter how small or large, should have a written estimate so you can plan to protect your finances and avoid hidden costs. You should be able to refer to paperwork for any issue, from estimates to timelines.

A written quote will help you and the roofer stay on the same page. This price will likely change, but knowing the ballpark is always helpful. The roofer should include all the necessary information, including the price breakdown, the payment agreement, and insurance coverage.

Can I Ask To See Previous Work?


Reputation is everything in Utah County.

Before you lock down on a certain contractor, do your research. Usually, on the internet, reviews are unbiased and sourced from individuals who have previously used the services of a company. Within these reviews, you’ll find valuable information and photos to help you determine if this is the right direction.

If the contractor doesn’t have an online presence, feel free to ask for physical proof of their work.

Should I Meet Them in Person?


You should always meet with your prospective Utah County roofer in person to discuss the details. In this meeting, you’ll have the opportunity to ask important questions and get an idea of how they work. Also, you may feel more confident in receiving updates and reports on the status of your project if you hire them after meeting them.

Does Pricing Really Matter?


Don’t just rely on the quote. 

On average, the cost of a roof can is about $9,000. However, smaller repairs can vary in price. Of course, be smart and do your research before accepting a quote. However, also remember that pricing isn’t that important when you consider other factors—the working style of the contractor, their experience, and references can be of more value.

What Happens If The Work is Unsatisfactory?


There’s always the chance that something could go wrong, no matter how well you plan your roofing project. 

Thus, knowing how the company will react if errors occur is important. You need to know this in advance, or else you’ll spend hours trying to contact a representative. 

What About Unplanned Repairs?


Home improvement is not immune to unplanned repairs or emergencies.

You’ll likely find that as soon as you begin tearing things down, there are other problems to address. For example, things can be rotten and have water damage.

So, ask your roofer how they deal with unexpected roof repairs well beforehand.

Can I Ask Other Questions?


Of course!

Even though Utah County roofing contractors are the “experts,” the roof is yours at the end of the day. As every question you can think of. Your contractor will not get annoyed by you; they will be more than happy to ease any concerns you may have.