To help survive the financial worries caused by last year’s pandemic, there is now a multitude of ways for you to earn money. Online innovation has brought about some of the greatest, creative ideas we can think of. All the while also earning a nice profit from it, to begin with. Sharing your work, getting in touch with a community and becoming popular are all facets one can accomplish when using online services. The top Canadian casinos online are a great example of switching to the virtual world to start a business. Here are a few other good examples to make some serious cash while you stuck indoors.

Drop shipping

Drop shipping is among one of the most popular growing trends known. It is the fastest and most reliable way of making money with no extra hassle involved. Essentially, it is selling your own product or merchandise online using a site to advertise it and then delivering it to your customers through shipping. One store owner is said to have made over $6,000 alone just from selling one kind of product in eight weeks. It allows you to focus on what you want to sell and leave all of the packaging and delivering to an official service. Sometimes it may have a small fee to pay. However, if your product is profitable, you can make up for this in no time.

Print on Demand

Print of Demand is an incredible choice for graphic designers and all kinds of artists. Anything that you can make on print can be sold online for the right price. You may even just sell off the design, and they will use it on print for their own things. Examples include cool designs on a T-shirt or a logo design for a brand-new store. If you make clever use of free marketing channels such as Pinterest or Instagram, you can get the word out there about your designs. This can make you even more money in the long run, as well.

Affiliate Marketing

Another popular method in making money, but its popularity has certainly been 50/50 at this point with the way you go about it. It is a stable option to make money regardless. It is essentially gaining a job in promoting a brand. Becoming an affiliate entails you doing your own advertising in helping another business grow. The business will pay you for it, of course, depending on what you do to get the word out there. Sometimes they will offer their own methods of promoting for you to do.


Nowadays, it is hard to imagine a world without YouTube. This video streaming service has been around for years. It has grown incredibly to the point where it can now be a business for people. You can earn money by making videos yourself and getting enough views. Your YouTube channel can be something that can target an exclusive audience—creating videos on things that people will find interesting and subscribe to you. It can be a cooking show, a gaming walkthrough or even a comedy skit show. The current highest-paid youtuber is a 7-year-old named Ryan, who made $22 million in 2019 from reviewing kids’ toys.


It isn’t just YouTube. There are many other social media platforms that can be used to earn money by influencing millions of people and promoting your own brands or others. Many can become an influencer by building their own personal brand on social media sites like Instagram or Twitter, making sponsored posts that can help you earn money from other businesses. Cristiano Ronaldo made almost $1 million from sponsored Instagram posts back in 2019.

Online Teaching

If you have ever thought about sharing your own skills with other people, this too can be turned into an online business. You can set up videos on how to do things or offer instructions on learning new skills to get paid—selling your own courses on these skills you have and giving people what they need to hear in order to learn. Depending on the platform you sell your course on will determine how much money you make. Sites like Udemy can help you make your own course and sell it for an appropriate monthly subscription to keep your learners coming.


If you already had a job that paid well but cannot due to circumstances like Covid, it is possible to take up freelancing and make up for it. Freelancing means organising your own business hours and selling your work to anyone willing to hire. You can gain clients by advertising what you are about and then sell your service to them should they be in need of it. For example, a freelance journalist can write stories and sell them to news websites for a profit. A technician can offer technical services by having them delivered to where they live and fix them for them.