YouTube is a social media streaming platform that is used by several companies and businesses to gain more leads in the form of subscribers.

If you are a content creator or run a small business with a YouTube channel, then you must’ve looked up ways to gain more YouTube views and might have come across some sites advising you to buy YouTube subscribers but this won’t help as no one will buy your product or service unless your content is able to assure them that they’re investing in the right thing.

If the above discussion got you thinking and you are brainstorming with your team about how to convert viewers into subscribers and leads, then the list below might be useful for you as we’ve jotted down some simple yet effective ways that will help rake in more subscribers and that too without spending a fortune!

Revamp your videos and channel

The first and most important thing you need to keep in mind is to ensure that your channel and videos are optimized and sorted in a way that all the traffic that is generated can easily navigate through them.

Make sure you have enough content on your channel and all the videos are put in respective playlists (it can be a series, a bunch of videos on a certain topic or course, etc). Make sure you use the right keywords in the title and description as SEO on YouTube as it goes a long way in directing people to your channel.

Build a community

It does not matter if you’re an influencer, artist or brand, the main reason to start a YouTube channel is to gain more YouTube views and get subscribers who not only like your content but also help generate some revenue and engagement.

However, to set the wheels in motion, you need to take the first step and make use of the ‘Community’ tab and ‘Shorts’ to connect with your audience and get to know them better. You need to make out some time to reply to the comments under your videos as these will not only suggest the algorithm to promote your videos!

Use annotations wisely

Annotations are clickable links that appear while you’re watching a video and can be used to point to the like or subscribe buttons. You need to use them wisely and try to put them at the beginning or in the end so people don’t get annoyed due to constant nagging.

Annotations prove to be effective when used one at a time and help users to easily subscribe to your channel thus increasing the conversion rate!

Post relatable and quality content

This might seem an obvious step, but regularly posting relevant and quality content should be your number one priority. You can try various shortcuts or buy YouTube subscribers but you won’t be able to retain them if you don’t provide quality content that is insightful and fun to watch.

You should look out for collaboration with other YouTubers, make informative videos on trending topics or provide thought-provoking content related to your niche so that people don’t think twice before subscribing to your channel.

Plan giveaways and contests

One of the oldest yet trusted methods to increase leads is to announce giveaways and contests. You must be familiar with the countless giveaways that happen on Facebook or Instagram but the same logic applies to YouTube as well!

You can team up with other content creators across various platforms and plan a fun giveaway or contest that will help you gain more subscribers and reach out to the targeted audience more quickly as everyone loves to follow a few simple instructions for a small incentive.

Simply ask and do off-site promotion!

The one point that can’t be stressed on enough is to simply ask your viewers at the end of your video to like and subscribe to your channel while providing annotations for a few seconds. You can ask them to subscribe to get a notification for your upcoming videos.

You can also promote videos on other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook or Quora using relevant hashtags and provide a link to your new videos to increase viewers which will eventually subscribe to your channel.

Add lead magnets

Lead magnets are instrumental in collecting information about potential clients and help you get recognised who your targeted audience is. You can provide a free service or product (e-book, audiobook or templates) and ask the users to claim them after filling in their number and email address.

In this manner, you’ll know who is interested in your content and can be easily converted into leads or potential customers. You can then mail them your newsletters regularly.

Use Video Content to Position a Purchase

Make sure you have videos that highlight the functioning of your product or show it in action as not every viewer that comes to your channel needs to be nurtured. Some might be thinking of buying the product already and go ahead with the purchase once they see a proper sales video on your channel.

You can follow the above steps to convert your viewers into subscribers or leads and achieve higher engagement or sales records. Make sure to cover all the basic steps so you don’t have to use unfair means or buy YouTube subscribers to achieve your goal.