Small houses may be short on space, but they can be pretty cozy if you design them well. Just like any large space, indigenous design and a watchful eye for décor set even the smallest of places in a flaunting style.

Here are a few ideas to get to make your house come alive and look better.

Make Room For Ventilation

The biggest problem with tightly spaced houses is poor ventilation. What makes the home cozy and warm in winter makes it humid and pungent in summers.

Having large and ample windows in every room pretty much covers up the problem. To take it a step higher, installing double-glazed window panels will let you redeem the coziness in winters and still let the fresh air out when you need it.

Good ventilation in a house instantly improves the atmosphere and the air you breathe.

Fewer But Larger Rooms

It is usually a good idea to build multiple stories when you’re short on space. A major reason for that is you get to have a larger living space despite the shortage.

Be generous with your plan and compromise on a room or two so that the rest of the house looks bigger. A major design flaw is trying to fit in as many rooms and spaces inside a limited space.

That does no good other than making space even more congested. On the contrary, larger rooms and a lounge make your place airier and more welcoming.

Let The Daylight In

One of the first things to consider before designing a house is knowing what side of it gets the most daylight—and then planning the structure of your house according to that.

As a rule of thumb, your largest window panels and balconies should face the sun. It lets in the most daylight, saves up on power, and adds some warmth to your house as well.

However, if glare on screens or direct sunlight bothers you, you can always choose to go the other way round. But you must always have a plan to light your house up with daylight to make it brighter and warmer.

Invest In Good Flooring

Following the roof and foundation walls, the floor is the most important part of your house. The higher you invest in it, the better it will turn out to be.

There is a huge variety when it comes to flooring options. You can choose from wood, tiles, marbles, vinyl, concrete, and a few other materials.

But suppose you’re staying on the cheaper side of the menu with concrete flooring. In that case, you must always seal it with a penetrating concrete sealer. Because cheap doesn’t mean it has to look bad as well!


The most visited place of your house usually gets the least of your attention. But having a well-designed kitchen improves the utility of your house and also the value. It’s a win-win situation!

Kitchen designs are usually tricky. But keeping utility, aesthetics, and storage in mind makes it a wee bit easier.

Even if your kitchen cannot be as spacious as you want, you can still set it up nicely with warm lights, fresh paint, new cabinets, shiny countertops, and the latest appliances. The kitchen is usually a game changer when it comes to designing a house. So, always try to do it right!


A house is never really complete without the right color theme. You can invest heavily in paint qualities, but without getting the combination right, you’re not getting much out of it.

Large and spacious spaces can suck in dark colors quite well. But that’s not the case for small houses. You need to keep things light and mellow at the exterior and interior.

Getting a base coat of light paint from That Painter for your rooms will make them look a little less congested than they already are.


It’s the first place you go to when you wake up and the last one before you hit the bed. And a dozen other times during the day.

Bathrooms make a significant impact on the curb appeal, value, and utility of your house. Having well-designed and well-kept bathrooms makes you confident in inviting people over and a little relaxed on your average day.

And you don’t need to cut a five figures check to get things in order either. Wall mounting the toilet and having a floating vanity with the right set of paint and floors pretty much does the job.

You can hire a designer to set up your bathrooms or get a little creative and save yourself a penny.