Once you find that your couch in the living room or at the patio is worn out, then the next option is to spend a fortune on it to re-upholster it or simply dump it. However, before making these choices, you can also consider a third option to get a good couch cover. A durable slipcover may enhance the cosmetic and functional elegance of your furniture. Whether you have a new sofa, which you do not want to get ruined, or if it is a second-hand sofa which you want to give a facelift, considering good couch covers can save you a lot of money. In terms of considering slipcovers, it is also very easy to take care of, and you can also think of changing it as often in order to give your sofa a fresh look.

Find couch covers that can fit your lifestyle and budget

If you plan to consider a waterproof couch cover, you have plenty of options available in terms of color, designs, and materials out there. There are readymade and semi-custom covers available at online and offline stores. These are also machine washable and least expensive to buy and maintain. All these qualities make waterproof couch covers a practical choice for many homeowners. These covers are usually manufactured in standard sofa sizes, whereas you also have the option to custom order the slipcovers based on the model and dimensions of your sofas.

Measure the size of your couch

Whether it is a simple loveseat or a sectional couch, you can get a flexible slipcover that can serve your purpose. The perfect combination of wrinkle resistance and elasticity of your couch cover will help minimize the time you spend on smoothing and straightening it from time to time. Slipcovers are very easy to install in just a matter of minutes. These covers are also wrinkle-free and can make your sofa almost impenetrable and long-lasting.

However, while buying a couch cover, try to avoid purchasing something you have to struggle with when you put it on or take it off and clean. Instead, you can choose the easy one-piece designs which you can simply slip on and off. You may also consider choosing a resilient slipcover fabric that can last long.

Choosing the right fabric for your couch cover

Choosing a quality fabric for your couch cover plays a crucial role in the durability of your slipcover. The more study your sofa cover fabric is, the more it may last. The most common materials used for waterproof fabric are cotton, Lycra, polyester, canvas, denim, etc. It is also a very good idea to consider the material of the sofa underneath the upper cover. A leather sofa couch may need slipcovers made of natural fibers, which can absorb moisture so that the leather inside is not harmed. Outdoor furniture slipcovers should have a water-resistant coating, which you should consider in order to protect your couches at the patio or the backyard etc.

Consider as many options as possible and make a thorough comparison of the choices out there in order to find your best handy products.