The EV fever has caught up with everyone. Automakers also show tremendous interest in this segment because of the rising consumer demand. Almost all the brands have their electric models running on the roads. When you think of an EV, your first thought can run into a Tesla. But do you know there are better options around? It can be Nissan, for example. Nissan dipped its toes in this growing car segment with Nissan LEAF about a decade back. Today, it draws everyone’s attention to the electric SUV, the Nissan Ariya. The compact car with bold looks is a killer. If you plan to buy an electric crossover, consider weighing this choice from every angle.

While you can check it with Conklin Nissan Hutchinson once, here is a quick rundown on this vehicle’s few aspects.

Smooth ride

This EV offers a better ride experience than most crossover SUVs. The relaxed suspension ensures excellent performance. You can rely on its stability and control even at high speeds on bumpy routes. Its well-balanced weight makes it an accessible vehicle to manage. Even the cabin is good. You don’t have to worry about noise and wind. The light steering wheel paves the way for easy and precise maneuvering. Its regenerative brakes can also help save energy bills. However, you could want more in terms of its range performance.

Luxe and cozy interiors

The roomy interiors are the highlight, offering the best craftsmanship, comfort, and technology. Cabin’s flat floor allows ample space between the rows. Door panels and floors have lights that make the luxurious interiors more appealing. Front seats have zero gravity, so one can sit comfortably for long hours. The cockpit can slide back and forth easily. Even the dash tray is easily accessible. You can store your items there. Sound isolation is another attractive trait. And the car also comes with memory to help you quickly set your steering wheel, side mirrors, and seating position. While its ease of use is excellent, you must be ready to pay a high price for the entry-level version.


Like other top EVs, Nissan Ariya also has some best connectivity capabilities. It has two displays measuring 12.3 inches. One single touch can bring plenty of information. You can use the screens for weather updates, driving assistance, playlist, and more. If you need to access the map, one swipe will be enough to get the display closer and zoom into the information. Listen to music and much more. You can also use the intelligent system to set an ideal temperature for your car environment or learn about nearby charging points. While the interiors have everything that exuberates luxury and oomph, exteriors can be slightly disappointing. However, if you are okay with angular headlights and a shield grille, it’s the thing for you.

Whether you buy a new or pre-owned automobile, a thorough investigation can make your choice more suitable. If you need something in EV, Nissan Ariya is there. You can check other Nissan models also because the brand takes good care of your requirements.