Today’s online dating world is a twisted one. It has shifted from ‘finding your soulmate’ to Rossing, Ghosting, Dogfishing, Kaney’d, and FlashPanning. Not sure what these terms mean? Well, these are the ‘modern dating lingos’ quite common in today’s online dating realm. Not sure if you can master the vocabulary? Fret not as our most recent additions of dating slang can help you rule the online dating world, or at least be a prize in the eyes of others on the site, notably if you are geared towards hookups and not serious relationships.

What does ghosting mean in the dating world?

When someone vanishes unexpectedly — you’ve been ghosted. Consider a situation: you have texted someone for months, maybe have met them IRL, or perhaps you two have even had a physical relationship, but out of the blue — they cut all connection without even informing. That is amigo, in plain words, means ghosting. Note that: it is not ghosting when you do not get a reply after one Askme4Date hookup(which is mostly provided by the platform’s systems: the service of this site permits you to filter out everything so you won’t get into situation when you’re ghosted). Instead, it is the ultimate silent treatment after you have been in a committed relationship with the person.

What is Rossing? Is it from the sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S.?

Have you seen friends? Remember the famous ‘we were on a break’ scene from the third episode? Where Ross heads out to the bar after the argument with Rachel and sleeps with different women. Yeah, Rossing means just that. Given the exclusivity of online dating, a slight miscommunication can lead the person you’re dating to have an intimate relationship with someone else, meaning you both are attending to each other but are not an official duo.


Flashpanning pertains to people who dig the initial part of a relationship to the absolute, like sex, romantic dinners, going on vacations but leave your company as soon as the relationship gets solemn. They are not enthusiastic about entering fully committed relationships but love drilling one — so they end up misleading for days.


The Internet may say anything, but online dating is still impressive. For one thing, it helps you get in touch with peculiar people that you never envisioned can exist. Take this kind: someone who talks about them endlessly without giving you any attention while on a date IRL. If someone does this to you, it means that you’ve been Kanye’d. The word comes from our beloved celebrity — Kanye West — who often ends up characterizing himself as a demi-god.

White Clawing – what does it mean in the dating world?

White clawing means dating someone for their looks, regardless of whether you’re compatible with them or not. Many people exclusively look for individuals who would be Instagram-worthy and do not care if they share the same mindset or not. White clawing means that you are not interested in the individual, preferably care only about their appearances. Given the carelessness of online dating in finding someone, it is effortless to get into such associations. Usually, people white claw others for a shorter period — like a cousin’s wedding or to take them on an office tour. But, the ego boost they get with white clawing keeps these people pretending (to like them, not their looks) for weeks or months.


Yes, as it seems, most of these dating terms would not have been this famous if people put discipline into online dating. Small things like the honesty of expectations, good communication, and mutual respect towards each other would go a long way in putting an end to Flashpanning, white clawing, ghosting, and whatnot.