We live in a very tech-forwarded era where choosing one best option that suits you out of a sea of options can be challenging. You will face the same challenge while finding a suitable vaporizers for inhaling your Cannabis product as there is a wide variety of these products available in the market. Before discussing the types of vaporizers and which is the best one for you, let us discuss what a vaporizer is?

A vaporizer is a device that vaporizes the substance for inhalation. These substances are commonly cannabis, herbs, or CBD oils. These vaporizers contain various sections, i.e., a straight bore, venture, and materials like glass or metal. This material makes up the chamber where the liquid is stored. The vaporizer is either battery-driven or works on electricity. The benefit of a vaporizer is that you get over the harmful effects of smoking.

Now let us discuss the various varieties of vaporizers available in the market and different features that each vaporizes will cater.

  • Table-Top Vaporizers 

These are large-sized vaporizers that run on an electric source. It is considered an ideal vaporizer for those who are medical patients and flavor enthusiasts. If a person is mostly indulging in these activities, then these vaporizers will be favorable for you. It is challenging to carry them along due to their massive size and electricity requirement. If you are a got to go person, then you must not prefer these vaporizers. 


These are the most advanced vaporizers you will find in the market. It will serve the purpose of consuming cannabinoids and terpenes both. Also, you will be able to adjust the temperature of the vaporizer. It will also provide you some medical benefits that no else vaporizers offer. There are many quality of table-top vaporizers available in the market, so it is your choice that you decide the quality accordingly if you want to enjoy your flower quality to the most.


  • Portable Oil Vapes


These are small pocket-sized vapes that are driven with the help of a lithium battery. These vapes the class of vaporizers that use only the oils instead of the flower or dried leaves. These vapes are best for the people who are thinking of investing less money and loves to inhale on the go. People prefer using these vapes due to their portability and prefer using oils. An option of use and throw vapes are also available in which you don’t require to refill the product. If the product is refillable, you have to clean it every time before and after correctly.


It is a pen-like device that hits your body smoothly and gives a long-lasting effect. You need a perfect oil consistency if you want to get the proper output from the oil pen. There is a thinning agent provided along with the vapes to achieve consistency. These vaping pens are considered a safer option than other vaporizers.


  • Portable Flower Vapes


These are also pocket-sized pens that are also powered backed up by a battery. These vaporizers have a special chamber for keeping your cannabis flowers. These cannabis flowers are slowly burnt in the section, which produces a cloud of smoke that you inhale. These are ideal for those vapers who are flower enthusiasts and don’t like a stationary vaping source. The benefit of these vapes is that you can vape any time anywhere. There is an option of controlling the temperature of these vaporizers so that you can enjoy various effects of the cannabis flower. You can easily control the density and amount of vapor you are getting through these vaporizers.


The Final Verdict


You enjoy various health benefits with the usage of these vaporizers, but every category offers some different features. So, you have to decide according to your requirement that which vaporizer best suits you.