The best part about flirting and dating online is that you already know what other girls want. Of course, some women may be looking for a quick hookup only and others seeking a long-term relationship, but you know for a fact that they are all part of a big lesbian family.

Meeting someone in person is always a delightful experience, but it may not work for lesbians when they are inexperienced. With online dating, you do not have to ask, “How can I find lesbians near me?” Simply create a profile, answer a few questions, use some filters, and there will be matches to choose from.

However, before you could arrange your very first lesbian date, you will have to do a lot of flirting online. For many women, online flirting can be a confusing affair. Here is how to start though.

  • Take the lead and start the communication if you like what you read on someone’s profile.
  • Work on your profile and fill it out like you are a casting director talking about your tender moments, goofy moments, sad moments, and so on. Make it relatable.
  • Do not judge women based on their profiles alone, as people sometimes have no clue about writing a profile. So do not write someone off too quickly.
  • Be honest while chatting but also try to be a bit tactful. Read her profile to pick some pointers to start a conversation.
  • Learn to be a good listener. Talking about someone she loves usually means she has a ton of good stories to share. Be patient and listen to everything she says.
  • Learn about her hobbies and send simple and short messages to keep the conversation going. It is never a good idea to become too flirty a bit too fast.
  • Do not get too sexual just because you know she is on a lesbian dating site and is obviously down for anything.
  • Do not take long to ask her out and plan your first date together to ensure it works for both of you.

Making Your First Date to Work Like a Charm

While flirting and dating online, understand that being awkward and stiff can hurt you big time. Lesbians are so quick to pick up on insecurities, so you need to relax and have fun. And even it eventually gets to a point where you have to talk about meeting in person, always keep the following tips in mind to make your first date as special as it can get.

  • Use your online dating platform to decide about specifics, like where to meet, who is picking whom up, and what time works for both of you.
  • Be punctual and do not make her wait on your first date.
  • Bring some chocolate and flowers to make her feel desired.
  • Do not be afraid to compliment her when you meet her for the first time.
  • Leave your cell phone in your bag because she deserves your undivided attention.
  • Have some lighthearted conversation and talk about stuff you may have already discussed online. Avoid being too serious though.
  • Do not try too hard to impress her and be yourself to make her feel interested.


With so many people finding their soul mates online, it is just a matter of time until you bump into your dream girl. It is natural to feel a bit nervous but be yourself. Picking the best lesbian dating sites is crucial though. Ensure there are various ways to interact and flirt with someone you have found online. And do not be afraid to arrange a video chat before you decide to meet for your very first lesbian date.