Flirting is never easy, and it only gets harder if you are chatting with another nervous woman online. Since most people lose all sense of themselves when they start flirting with other people, we have come up with several flirting tips that will aid you in maintaining your partner’s interest and possibly score you a date! Use these tips to keep the conversation moving in the right direction!

1. Start an online conversation in a positive way

First things first, you need to be positive when you are flirting with a woman. If you’re in a lesbian chat room flirting with a handful of ladies, the person that will stand out the most to you is probably the person that’s being positive and happy. Positivity equals confidence, and every woman wants to flirt with someone that has confidence because they’re going to be interesting, outgoing, and worth flirting with compared to the others! A chat room is a wonderful place to meet other women and gauge your interest in them while being flirty, so make sure you seem positive in that setting, and you will get more private messages!

2. Be polite

Politeness is the foundation of good conversations. Be a good listener, take turns talking, and give your partner ample time to reply. If you’re rude and trying to rush someone, then they will not want to flirt with you for long!

3. Be respectful

Too many people that are new to flirting think that being crass or “dirty” means that your flirting is going places. According to the experts, flirting that relies on crassness is disrespectful, moves the interaction along too quickly, and does not take into account your partner’s feelings. Take it slow and see what happens!

4. Compliment your chatting partner

Meaningful, honest compliments make flirting much more fun. Do you like the picture your date put up for their profile? Do they have a cute, crooked smile? Tell them!

5. Be mindful of their time

Don’t try to keep someone flirting all day and night. Remember that they have a life outside of the dating site. If they say they have to get going, offer to chat with them again another day. Don’t make them miss class or work in order to maintain their connection with you.

6. Move at an appropriate pace

Do not try to move the interaction from flirting to hooking up all in one night. The thing about flirting is that it builds up to a crescendo. We understand that lesbians have a harder time finding partners than straight people simply due to numbers, but you have to let the interaction develop at a rate that you’re both comfortable with.

7. Be funny

Laughter is great for getting people to like you. Try making your partner laugh even if you’re not a naturally funny person. You never know! You might have something really funny to say, like, “I swear by the Holy Lesbian Trinity when it comes to choosing date night movies.” Try to gauge your partner’s sense of humor because if you can get them to crack up, then you can win them over with your personality and keep them coming back for more flirting.

Flirting with lesbians is a challenging and unique process. This requires a fine balancing act between maintaining interest and restraining yourself from professing your desire or love. Hopefully, the tips we have provided here will become engrained in your personality so that you can successfully meet and flirt with ladies without offending anyone. You might need a little bit of practice, but you can certainly get women interested in you!