The UX of your website has a great impact on the performance and sales of your website. The UX is the defining attribute of your website, where your customers will focus on having an impression of your site. Hence, it is important to improve your UX with the Right front end so that it can function properly. Improving your UX is important to make sure that your site is working properly with complete functionality. Availing your service from a top-rated UX agency can help you get a proper improvement in your UX. Here is how you can add more value to it:

  •       Focus on the design trends:

The digital world is not out of trends. Rather it works as the trendsetter. Thus if you want to stay updated with your UX, then it is important to focus on the ongoing trend for the UX. Since user experience is the essential part of designing a highly intuitive website, it needs to follow all the trends which can keep your website stay up-to-date from time to time to create a very innovative user experience. Here are the design trends you can follow:

  •       Consider the gamification for your site:

Gamification is quite a popular trend that works with the integration with the game mechanics in the non-game environment. For learning and fitness apps, this design is very popular. This kind of design works intending to enhance the interaction and engagement between the user and the application or with the website.

  •       Keep a minimalist interface:

The minimalist designs are always appreciable, as it is simple and intuitive. Using minimal graphics with proper white spaces and clean lines, one can create a very responsive UX which is impressive. Minimalist designs ensure that you are drawing the main focus of your visitors on your content and help them to have very easier navigation on your website.

  •       Consider augmented reality:

Augmented reality is much of an exciting trend nowadays. The integration of Augmented reality to websites and applications is much impressive, which people like more and more. With the advent of the ARKit and the ARCore, the augmented reality platforms have some impressive developments. It helps in imposing the virtual object to the physical world, which helps to drive more and more interest of the audiences.

  •       Functional animation:

Functional animation is currently one of the best designing trends which are worth checking out.  The animations are now used to enhance the look and feel of the user interface and let you create an amazing and intuitive user experience. The animations are simply a great way to simplify your digital experience for the users who visit your app or site.

  •       Personalization:

The personalization of the user experience is one of the great ways to make your visitor have a great time over your website. With the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, you can add customization and personalization to your  UX design which can help your audience to have what they are looking for based on their interest.

Best practices to follow:

While you go to create an intuitive UX and you strive to improve it more and more, it is important to keep note of all the best practices. Here are the best practices you should maintain:

  • Keep your focus on the users. Hence make sure that the design is capable of meeting their goals, expectations, and requirements.
  • Identify and adopt the best designing standards with your UX. Identify the designing standards with which your users are more and more familiar and comfortable. Hence integrate it into your UX.
  • Make sure you are simplifying the designs for your website. With the proper navigation, responsive buttons, and CTA, you can create a very immersive user experience.
  • Make sure your content has a proper structure that is valuable and useful for your visitors.
  • Use all those designing elements with which you can make a statement, as it is always great to stand out as a significant one.


It is not tough to improve the UX design on your site when you know all the right and best practices. Using the responsive trendy designs and integrating your UX with the best practices can easily let you acquire a highly improved UX with the Right Front End.