It’s hard to overlook the benefits of working in tech. The job market is hot, evolving technology ensures there will continue to be an expanding market for new products, and the compensation is above average. If you have considered working in tech, but aren’t sure you have the ability or interest to build a career in design or programming, there is a solution. Tech companies offer a range of jobs that require few technical skills. You will have access to the excellent benefits a tech job provides, but your responsibilities will not be technical. Work as a product manager, internal recruiter, or marketer is available for those uncomfortable with tech work. Once you set your sites on one of these careers, you may wonder how best to land the position. While nothing guarantees you will find the job of your dreams, there are some steps you can take to improve the odds.

Earn Your Degree

Finding a professional position without a degree is possible but challenging. When you consider how competitive the positions are in tech, it becomes apparent that you need that degree to have a strong chance of landing the job of your dreams. One reason many people avoid college is their belief that they cannot afford it. There are many ways to pay for school, and you shouldn’t let your finances dictate your decision. It is common to pay for college through a patchwork of grants and loans, as well as the occasional side job or work-study. Grants and work-study opportunities lower the amount you owe, which you can then cover with federal or private student loans. Repayment terms for these loans are favorable and can help you take the necessary steps toward building a career.

The Job Search

Don’t wait until graduation before beginning your job hunt. Many large tech companies make hiring decisions early in the fall for candidates who will graduate the following spring. Get your applications in early, don’t hesitate to follow-up, and, if you have trouble getting responses, seek out professional help for a resume and cover letter re-vamp. Keep an eye on your spending. The better shape you are in financially, the longer you can spend looking for the perfect position.

If you are in a tight situation, you may need to grab the first offer you receive or take a position in your hometown to save on living expenses. Consolidating your student loans is one way to free up money in your budget. Consolidation allows you to lower your monthly payment by lowering your interest rates or extending your repayment terms. The process is straightforward and only takes a few minutes. Use this available guide to learn more about the process and determine if it is right for you.

Intern, Contract, or Freelance

If you are having trouble landing a job in tech, consider alternative paths to employment. Taking an internship immediately after graduation gets you in the door with a tech company. If you aren’t a candidate for internships, look for contract or freelance work. These jobs do not provide the same benefits or stability as a full-time position but are an opportunity to gain experience in your desired field.