Finding it difficult to sleep at times? Or, waking up shivering every day? Probably, your body is finding it tough to adjust to the temperature. No doubt, using a quality air conditioner on rent in Hyderabad could solve some of your sleep issues. But in addition, you also need to figure out your body’s ideal sleeping temperature. According to studies, 67 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal sleeping temperature. But when you sleep, your body temperature tends to drop by two-degree Celsius.

So in most cases, you need to manage your body’s temperature for quickly falling asleep and here are some of the tips that will help you:

Make Adjustments to Your Room Temperature

An AC works wonders in maintaining a room temperature that’s ideal for sleeping. For most people, it stays somewhere between 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Staying between these limits ensures that you get a good night’s sleep. Keep your AC’s temperature in between these temperatures to find out the ideal temperature your body is most comfortable with for falling asleep.

Get the Blankets That Suit the Weather Type

Using the right blanket also helps you in quickly falling asleep. Every blanket isn’t suitable for you, some of them might sweat you out due to too much warm air trapped inside the fibers while others simply might be the reason to wake you in the shivering state in the middle of the night. Use thin cotton quilt blankets if you are sweating too much in the nights and thick blankets if shivering at times to adjust your body to the right temperature for falling asleep.

Open Windows When the Time is Right

During the months when the temperature automatically stays within 60 to 67 degrees Fahrenheit range, you could switch off the AC. Keep the windows open to let the fresh air come in. You will love the feeling of smooth breeze flowing to you through windows and helping you sleep without worrying about temperatures.

Add Up an Element of Heat

During the winter season, you need an insulated blanket to help you discover your ideal sleeping temperature. In addition, you could keep hot water bottles near your feet that help you stay warm all night for a good night’s sleep. Also, turning up your furnace works like a charm. Space heaters also keep the temperature warm in your room and help you sleep in a cozy way.

Invest in the Right Quality Mattress

The right mattress can make a real difference in your quality of sleep. Getting a new mattress helps you find the stabilized sleeping temperature among the fluctuating weather. Memory foam mattress deserves a try when cold temperatures take you over by surprise and cooling gel mattresses when temperatures soar to high levels.

The Key Takeaway

You deserve a good night’s sleep no matter how cold or high temperatures go. Regulating the temperature with coolers on rent in Hyderabad works great for most people to find their ideal sleeping temperature. But if you want to further make it more convenient, then use the tips mentioned here. There’s no reason to get bothered by the soaring temperatures, just experiment with some of the things mentioned here to fall asleep quickly.