Casinos or gambling establishments have been around for centuries, and they definitely perfected certain business practices. These institutions are incredibly profitable, and their revenue continues to grow. There are multiple techniques that casinos use to incentivize customers to spend money and interior design is just one of them. Of course, these interiors also look amazing, which means the owners really care about the aesthetics of the place. Here we will go over some of the best interior designs for gambling establishments.

Great Selection of Slot Games or Machines

Slots are the most profitable games for both online and land-based casinos, and they spend a lot of money on promoting and improving this content. This is why casinos allocate most of their space to host slot machines. You can also see this trend on the internet if you visit any of the safe online casinos usa players can access. Most of the server space is used for hosting online slots, and most of the bonuses include free spins. But this is not the only way to promote slots.

The rooms that are filled with these games also feature lively color and music that can often be heard in other parts of the casino. They want people to get interested and check out the room. The jackpot prizes are always displayed and clearly visible on the machine, which is another design philosophy called – “Keep your eyes on the prize!” Additionally, slots use only small bets and people are more likely to part with that small amount of money. The key is to make them sit and lose track of time, which is a good segway to another design tactic.

No Clocks or Windows

Nowadays, we are constantly checking our phones and it’s easy to know how much time we spent doing something. Meaning, this is one of the classic design techniques, and it was more effective at the time when people didn’t have cell phones. The idea is to isolate people and allow them to forget about external commitments.

This makes the whole gaming experience more fun and it also makes them lose track of time. Basically, the longer they are at a casino the more money they will spend. Furthermore, the setting appears to be more intimate this way, which many guests find appealing.

Intimate Setting

Casinos are designed to allow different atmospheres to coexist. There are multiple game rooms each hosting different entertainment, and they are separated from one another to instill a sense of uniqueness. The ceilings are also low which creates a higher sense of isolation and privacy. These smaller rooms also encourage players to roam about and explore what the casino has to offer. Since hallways are narrow and rooms are smaller, players actually feel more at home and are more relaxed. When we feel comfortable we are more likely to spend money and that’s why this design is ideal for a gambling parlor.

Some casinos relied on so-called labyrinth design, which can be disorienting for players and didn’t bode as well as owners expected. At a certain point everyone has to use a bathroom, so having a place where they can get lost doesn’t result in a pleasant experience. Moreover, it only increases the sense of anxiety and makes people less likely to return. So, smaller easy to navigate rooms are definitely a better way to go.

Engaging All of Our Senses

Due to compact spaces, casinos need to have a good ventilation system, but filtering air is not their only purpose. Having pleasant and soothing aromas makes for a more enjoyable experience. Music is another element that casinos use to create a more exciting or relaxing atmosphere. These don’t seem like crucial elements but they have a subconscious effect that makes players stay longer. A cheerful atmosphere also helps soften the blow when someone loses. If they are not frustrated they are likely to continue playing.


As you can see interior designers are very clever and have great knowledge of human psychology. It’s also important for casinos to celebrate with winners and to establish their institution as sort of a playground for adults. Meaning their priority is for you to have a good time, and profit just comes with the territory.

You will often be approached by the staff with drinks or refreshments, as they don’t want you to leave your table just because you are thirsty. Also, getting a free drink always feels good. Just remember that the house always wins and that you need to stay focused in order to mitigate your losses. Still, you need to be responsible and monitor your spending, and not allow yourself to get caught up in the moment. So, never wager money you cannot afford to lose.