Winter is a perfect season to pick up a new hobby. Snowy and frosty weather outside is not a reason to give up your favorite activities and spend weeks watching new episodes of your favorite series. There are so many exciting things you can do without even leaving your house.

If you don’t know what you would like to do as a new indoor hobby, try to remember your childhood. What did you like to do as a child? Were you keen on painting or maybe you were interested in music? You don’t have to pick up exactly where you left off as a child, but perhaps by thinking back to your childhood, you will already see a rough direction of your new hobby for home.

Painting by Numbers

This activity is incredibly popular nowadays. And especially now that the days are getting shorter and the weather outside is getting colder, this hobby is ideal for getting creative indoors. With a paint-by-numbers set, you can create beautiful works of art yourself, even without great artistic talent or prior knowledge. There are now numerous motifs to paint, so there is something for every age group!

Online Gambling

How about a hobby that can bring you money? Online casinos are a perfect way to entertain yourself, enjoy the feeling of adrenaline running through your veins, and get some extra cash on your credit card. You can try your luck by spinning the reels of virtual slot machines or using your knowledge in Poker. Lots of games are available in the online casino merkur – check it out.


Yoga has an amazing effect on different parts of the body and helps against stress. Above all, yoga offers a holistic balance. This is especially worthwhile if you spend your days at home. Moreover, it is very easy to practice, as all you need is a yoga mat, which makes yoga an ideal hobby to do at home. There are numerous yoga instructions on the internet that help you get and stay fit and healthy without a gym.


The ultimate hobby for finding peace is meditation. It may sound a bit boring to many, but it brings lots of positive effects: stress reduction, better sleep, higher concentration, and more serenity. Who can say no to getting all these benefits? Consider that meditation takes a little perseverance at the beginning until you can feel the positive effects on your body and mind.


People who cook a lot have a different relationship with their food. It can be a lot of fun to discover new ingredients and try out interesting recipes. However, if your greatest kitchen masterpiece in recent weeks has been oven pizza, you should start with making something simple to not turn cooking into torture. You can also invite your friends and have fun together.


Dancing is a lot of fun and burns a lot of calories. Do you prefer bachata, jazz dance, or hip-hop? There are numerous groups and workshops for beginners and advanced dancers in all dance styles. Before you sign up for a course, you can take a trial lesson to see if the course suits you.


You don’t have to be a circus member to learn how to juggle. Get some balls and train your skills. You can find videos with detailed instructions on YouTube. If you want to learn from professionals, take a juggling course. We suggest learning cool tricks together with your friends and organizing a little competition afterward. You’ll see, it’s a lot of fun!

Trying Out New Hot Drink Recipes

Hot drinks can warm the heart and stomach, especially on cold days. They have an instant calming and relaxing effect so that you can start the day with a smile. But hot chocolate and coffee aren’t the only ways to warm up. In the evening, you can make a delicious mulled wine or punch with your own recipe. Look online or in a cookbook for new flavors to experiment with this winter season. Cardamom, cinnamon, and other spices are great additions to hot drinks.

Redesigning Your Space

Every season brings a different feel and vibe. With the arrival of winter and the holidays, redefine your decor and change your space. You can add more cozy cushions, change the lighting in your room or buy a few candles with an amazing scent.

Winter is also a good time to revisit your theme and swap accent colors for warmer tones and shades. Not only will you wake up to a new environment that will revitalize your senses, but your refreshed home will serve as inspiration for days to come.

Learning a New Language

How about spending this winter learning a new language and then trying your new skills during the spring or summer holidays? This hobby will stimulate your mind and, if you keep at it, give your CV a serious boost. Also, you will challenge your mind and get a goal to strive for (like watching a French film without subtitles), which always makes the hobby more rewarding.

Learning a new language doesn’t have to be difficult. Download a language learning app on your phone (e.g. Duolingo), and you can do it anytime you want – while you’re waiting in line at the grocery shop or sitting at home. Pick a language and start learning.

Improving Your Writing Skills

Bonus points if you are one of the lucky ones who were born with a natural talent, but writing is primarily an acquired skill. Writing is more than just fun and a creative outlet: writing skills are also important for creating business letters, communication between loved ones, and as a way of self-expression. If you’ve ever dreamed of being a better writer, you’re in luck because you can be one. You just need practice. If you feel you still have a lot to learn, check out online writing courses.

To Sum Up

Whatever hobby you pick, it’s important that you enjoy your new activity. Invite your friends to make hot drinks together or gather the whole family to learn juggling. And if you don’t know what hobby to choose, start trying the options we listed above, and you will soon find out what suits you best.